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Anne Marie Winston is a Pennsylvania native and former teacher. She began reading romances a long, long time ago and considers getting paid to write them the ultimate in occupations. Always a book lover, Anne Marie didn't begin writing her own romance until 1989, when she was at home with two babies, too many diapers and too much time to consider insane, risky career moves. She sold her first book in 1991 and to date has published more than thirty novels of romance fiction.

Genres: Romance, Romantic Suspense
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   Baby Me Mine (2002) (with Terese Ramin)
   Millionaire's Marriage Deal (2002) (with Eileen Wilks)
   The Bachelorette / Risque Business (2002) (with Kate Little)
   The Playboy Sheikh / Billionaire Bachelors: Stone (2002) (with Alexandra Sellers)
   The Princess's White Knight / The Pregnant Princess (2002) (with Carla Cassidy)
   Billionaire Bachelors: Garrett / In Blackhawk's Bed (2003) (with Barbara McCauley)
   The Blackhawk Bride / Billionaire Bachelors: Gray (2004) (with Barbara McCauley)
   The Marriage Ultimatum / The Long Hot Summer (2004) (with Rochelle Alers)
   Expecting the Sheikh's Baby / Born to be Wild (2004) (with Kristi Gold)
   Enemy's Daughter / Stone Cold Surrender (2004) (with Brenda Jackson)
   The Romance Collection (2004) (with B J Daniels and Marilyn Pappano)
   The Marriage Ultimatum / Slow Dancing with a Texan (2004) (with Linda Conrad)
   An Office Affair (2005) (with Justine Davis)
   The Enemy's Daughter / The Laws of Passion (2005) (with Linda Conrad)
   Lost in Sensation / For Services Rendered (2005) (with Maureen Child)
   Bunking down with the Boss / Holiday Confessions (2007) (with Charlene Sands)
   Tycoon Bachelors (2008)
   Ready for Marriage? (2008) (with Beverly Barton and Ann Major)
   The Millionaire's Cinderella (2009) (with Gail Dayton and Kristi Gold)
   Love- from His Point of View! (2009) (with Maureen Child and Eileen Wilks)
   Royals: For Their Regal Heir (2018) (with Abby Green and Christine Rimmer)
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