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Charles Brockden Brown

USA flag (1771 - 1810)

Charles Brockden Brown was the first American novelist. The earliest citizen of the young nation to support himself by "the profession of literature," Brown used the American scene as background for his fiction.
Non fiction
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Anthologies containing stories by Charles Brockden Brown
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Short stories
Memoirs of Carwin, the Biloquist
Wieland or The Transformation (excerpt)
from Wieland; or, The Transformation (extract) (1798)

Books about Charles Brockden Brown
Charles Brockden Brown (1952) by David L Clark
Critical Essays on Charles Brockden Brown (1975) by Bernard Rosenthal
The Life of Charles Brockden Brown (1977) by William Dunlap
Charles Brockden Brown, a Reference Guide (1980) by Patricia Parker
An American Tradition (1987) by Maurice J Bennett
The Apparition in the Glass (1988) by Bill Christophersen
American Horror Fiction (1990) by Brian Docherty
The Romance of Real Life (1994) by Steven Watts
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