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C L Moore

(Catherine Lucille Moore)
USA flag (1911 - 1987)
Wife of Henry Kuttner

aka Lawrence O'Donnell, Lewis Padgett

Catherine Lucille Moore was an American science fiction and fantasy writer, as C. L. Moore. She was one of the first women to write in the genre, and paved the way for many other female writers in speculative fiction.

Genres: Fantasy
Anthologies containing stories by C L Moore
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Short stories
Shambleau [short story] (1933)
Black God's Kiss [short story] (1934)
Black God's Shadow (1934)
Black Thirst (1934)
Dust of the Gods (1934)
Scarlet Dream (1934)
The Cold Gray God (1935)
Jirel Meets Magic (1935)
Julhi (1935)
The Nymph of Darkness (1935) (with Forrest J Ackerman)
Lost Paradise (1936)
Tryst in Time (1936)
Yvala (1936)
Quest of the Starstone (1937) (with Henry Kuttner)
Greater Than Gods (1939)
Werewoman (1939)
Fruit of Knowledge (1940)
Clash by Night (1943) (as by Lawrence O'Donnell)
Doorway Into Time (1943)
The Children's Hour (1944) (with Henry Kuttner)
No Woman Born (1944)
Daemon (1946)
Vintage Season (1946) (as by Lawrence O'Donnell)
Two-Handed Engine (1955) (with Henry Kuttner)
Song in a Minor Key (1957)

World Fantasy Lifetime Achievement winner (1981)

Books about C L Moore
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