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Fletcher Pratt

(Murray Fletcher Pratt)
USA flag (1897 - 1956)

aka George W Fletcher

Genres: Fantasy, Mystery
Harold Shea (with L Sprague de Camp)
   1. The Incomplete Enchanter (1941)
     aka The Incompleat Enchanter
   2. The Castle of Iron (1941)
   3. Wall of Serpents (1953)
     aka The Enchanter Compleated
   The Compleat Enchanter (1976)
   The Intrepid Enchanter (1988)
   The Complete Compleat Enchanter (1989)
   Land of Unreason (1942) (with L Sprague de Camp)
   The Carnelian Cube (1948) (with L Sprague de Camp)
   The Well of the Unicorn (1948) (as by George W Fletcher)
   The Blue Star (1952)
   The Undying Fire (1953)
     aka The Conditioned Captain
   Invaders from Rigel (1960)
   Alien Planet (1962)
Anthologies edited
   World of Wonder (1951)
Non fiction
   The Heroic Years (1934)
   The Lost Battalion (1938) (with Thomas Johnson)
   The Navy - A History (1938)
   Road to Empire (1939)
   Sea Power and Today's War (1939)
   Secret and Urgent (1939)
   America and Total War (1941)
   Fighting Ships of the U. S. Navy (1941)
   Naval War Game (1941)
   What the Citizen Should Know about Modern War (1942)
   The Navy has Wings (1943)
   My Life to the Destroyers (1944) (with L A Abercrombie)
   The Navy's War (1944)
   Empire and the Sea (1946)
   Fleet Against Japan (1946)
   Night Work (1946)
   Man and His Meals (1947) (with Robeson Bailey)
   The Marines' War (1948)
   Ordeal by Fire (1948)
   Eleven Generals (1949)
   Empire and Glory (1949)
   Prebble's Boys (1950)
   The Third King (1950)
   Monitor and the Merrimac (1951)
   Rockets, Jets, Guided Missiles, and Space Ships (1951) (with J Croggins)
   Stanton, Lincoln's Secretary of War (1953)
   My Diary (1954)
   All About Famous Inventors and Their Inventions (1955)
   All About Rockets and Jets (1955)
   The Civil War (1955)
   The Civil War in Pictures (1955)
   The Battles That Changed History (1956)
   Civil War on Western Waters (1956)
   The Compact History of the United States Navy (1957)
   A Short History of the Civil War (1992)
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Omnibus editions
   Double in Space (1951)
Series contributed to
Black Cat Weekly
   25. Black Cat Weekly #25 (2022) (with others)
   58. Black Cat Weekly #58 (2022) (with others)
Anthologies containing stories by Fletcher Pratt
The Outer Reaches (1951)
     aka The Time of Infinity
Spaced Out (1975)
Magic for Sale (1983)
The Flying Sorcerers (1997)
Short stories
The Roger Bacon Formula (1929)
Pardon My Mistake (1946)
The Better Mousetrap (1950) (with L Sprague de Camp)
Elephas Frumenti (1950) (with L Sprague de Camp)
The Gift of God (1950) (with L Sprague de Camp)
Beasts of Bourbon (1951) (with L Sprague de Camp)
More Than Skin Deep (1951) (with L Sprague de Camp)
When the Night Wind Howls (1951) (with L Sprague de Camp)
The Ancestral Amethyst (1952) (with L Sprague de Camp)
Where to, Please? (1952) (with L Sprague de Camp)
All That Glitters (1953) (with L Sprague de Camp)
The Black Ball (1953) (with L Sprague de Camp)
Caveat Emptor (1953) (with L Sprague de Camp)
Corpus Delectable (1953) (with L Sprague de Camp)
A Dime Brings You Success (1953) (with L Sprague de Camp)
The Eve of St. John (1953) (with L Sprague de Camp)
Gin Comes in Bottles (1953) (with L Sprague de Camp)
The Green Thumb (1953) (with L Sprague de Camp)
Here, Putzi! (1953) (with L Sprague de Camp)
The Love Nest (1953) (with L Sprague de Camp)
My Brother's Keeper (1953) (with L Sprague de Camp)
No Forwarding Address (1953) (with L Sprague de Camp)
The Palimpsest of St. Augustine (1953) (with L Sprague de Camp)
The Rape of the Lock (1953) (with L Sprague de Camp)
The Stone of the Sages (1953) (with L Sprague de Camp)

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