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Bruce Boston

USA flag (b.1943)

Bruce Boston is an American speculative fiction writer and poet.

Genres: Horror
   Jackbird (1976)
   She Comes when You're Leaving (1982)
   Skin Trades (1988)
   The Nightmare Collector (1988)
   Hypertales and Metafictions (1990)
   Faces of the Beast (poems) (1990)
   Short Circuits (poems) (1990)
   Houses (1991)
   Accursed Wives (poems) (1993)
   The Complete Accursed Wives (1994)
   Conditions of Sentient Life (poems) (1995)
   Sensuous Debris (poems) (1995)
   Dark Tales and Light (1998)
   Cold Tomorrows (poems) (1998)
   Confessions of a Body Thief (poems) (1998)
   Pavane For A Cyber-Princess (poems) (2001)
   In Far Pale Clarity (poems) (2002)
   Etiquette with Your Robot Wife and Thirty More SF/Fantasy/Horror Lists (2005)
   Flashing the Dark (2006)
   The Nightmare Collection (2008)
   North Left of Earth (poems) (2009)
   Dark Matters (poems) (2010)
   Anthropomorphisms (poems) (2012)
   Surrealities (poems) (2013)
   Dark Roads (poems) (2014)
   Gothic Blue Book IV (2014) (with Jay R Bonansinga)
   Resonance Dark & Light (poems) (2015)
   Surreal Worlds (2015) (with Max Booth III, Tom Bradley, Michael Griffin, R A Harris, Rhys Hughes, Gabino Iglesias, Chris Kelso, Sean Leonard, Thomas Logan, John Palisano, Dustin Reade, Carter Rydyr, Steve Rasnic Tem, Daniel Vlasaty, Andrew Way and Wol-vriey)
   Notes from the Shadow City (poems) (2016) (with Gary William Crawford)
   Brief Encounters with My Third Eye (poems) (2016)
   Visions of the Mutant Rain Forest (2017) (with Robert Frazier)
   Civilized Beasts: Volume II (poems) (2017) (with Steve Ausherman, Carolyn Dahl, Winston Derden, Dwale, E S Lapso, John Milkereit, BanWynn Oakshadow, Marge Simon and Thomas Faux Steele)
   Alligators in the Sewers (2017) (with Mark Allan Gunnells, Jess Landry, Tonya Liburd, Ronald Malfi and Stephanie M Wytovich)
   Edward Bryant's Sphere Of Influence (2017) (with Mario Acevedo, Kevin J Anderson, Eneasz Brodski, Edward Bryant, Denise E Dora, Wayne Faust, Jamie Ferguson, Richard E Friesen, Janis Ian, Kent Johnson, Gary Jonas, Lucy Tayor and Steve Rasnic Tem)
   Artifacts (poems) (2018)
   Haunted are These Houses (2018) (with David Busboom, Catherine Cavendish, S L Edwards, Gemma Files, John McIlveen, Annie Neugebauer, Christi Nogle, Christina Sng, Sara Tantlinger and Stephanie M Wytovich)
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Anthologies edited
Anthologies containing stories by Bruce Boston
Short stories
Break (1974)
Interview with a Gentleman Farmer (1976)
For Spacers Snarled in the Hair of Comets (1984)
The Nightmare Collector [short story] (1987)
In the Darkened Hours (1988)
Tale of the Crone Goddess (1988)
Mammy and the Flies (1989)
Return to the Mutant Rain Forest (1989) (with Robert Frazier)
Unextinctions (1992) (with Roger Dutcher)
Curse of the Angel's Wife (1993)
Prisoners of the Royal Weather (1993)
How Alien He Really Was (1994)
Spacer's Compass (1994)

Bruce Boston recommends
Standard Candles (1996)
Jack McDevitt
"Jack McDevitt is one of the few authors in contemporary science fiction whose work moves faultlessly from scientic speculation to speculations on the nature of reality and the human condition. McDevitt fashions fully realized worlds, rich in imagination, peopled by fully believable characters. More important, you can count on him for a damn fine read. - Bruce Boston"

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