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Joseph Payne Brennan

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Joseph Payne Brennan was an American writer of fantasy and horror fiction, and also a poet. Brennan's first professional sale came in December 1940 with the publication of the poem, "When Snow Is Hung", which appeared in the Christian Science Monitor Home Forum, and he continued writing poetry up until the time of his death.

He is the father of Noel-Anne Brennan. Noel-Anne Brennan has published several fantasy novels.

Genres: Horror
Anthologies containing stories by Joseph Payne Brennan
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Short stories
Come Back, Uncle Ben!
The Green Parrot (1952)
On the Elevator (1953)
Slime (1953)
Death in Peru (1954)
I'm Murdering Mr Massington (1954)
Delivery of Erdmore Street (1957)
Canavan's Back Yard (1958)
The Hunt (1958)
Levitation (1958)
The Mail for Juniper Hill (1958)
The Rising Man (1958)
Apprehension (1959)
The House on Hazel Street (1961)
The Keeper of the Dust (1962)
The Man in Grey Tweeds (1962)
The Dump (1963)
The Horror at Chilton Castle (1963)
In the Very Stones (1963)
Killer Cat (1963)
The Seventh Incantation (1963)
Black Thing at Midnight (1964)
The North Knoll (1964)
The House at 1248 (1965)
The Intangible Threat (1966)
Episode on Cain Street (1967)
Mr Octbur (1967)
The Way to the Attic (1967)
City of the Seven Winds (1969)
Monton (1971)
Zombique (1972)
The Willow Platform (1973)
The Business About Fred (1975)
Mrs Clendon's Place (1984)
Canavan Calling (1985)
The Haunting at Juniper Hill (1985)
A Heritage Upheld (1985)
Oasis of Abomination (1985)
Pick-Up (1985)
Starlock Street (1985)
Wanderson's Waste (1985)
Rhea (1986)
Jendick's Swamp (1987)

World Fantasy Lifetime Achievement nominee (1981)

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