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Les Daniels

USA flag (1943 - 2011)

Les Daniels is the author of several pop culture histories, including Superman: The Complete History and Batman: The Complete History (both from Chronide Books), and DC Comics: Sixty Years of the World's Favourite Comic Book Heroes. Action Figure Designer: Alex Ross's fully painted art has brought him critical acclaim and multiple awards. His first major work was the best-selling, four-issue miniseries Marvels (Marvel Comics) in 1993. His next major project came in 1996 with the award-winning painted series Kingdom Come (DC Comics). Like Watchman and Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, it is considered seminal work in the comic industry. His most recent work includes Unde Sam (Vertigo/DC Comics), a Superman statue based on Kingdom Come, and the statue for the Superman MPE. He lives in New York.

Genres: Horror
Anthologies edited
   Thirteen Tales of Terror (1971) (with Diane Thompson)
   Fear (1975)
   Dying of Fright (1976)
Non fiction
   Marvel (1991)
   DC Comics (1995)
Anthologies containing stories by Les Daniels
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Short stories
The Man in the Mirror
They're Coming for You (1986)World Fantasy (nominee)
Yellow Fog [short story] (1986)
The Good Parts (1989)
By the Light of the Silvery Moon (1990)
Monster Tales: Return of the Jumbo Shrimp (1990)
The Little Green Ones (1992)World Fantasy (nominee)
Loser (1993)

World Fantasy Best Novel nominee (1979) : The Black Castle
World Fantasy Best Short Story nominee (1987) : They're Coming for You
World Fantasy Best Short Story nominee (1994) : The Little Green Ones