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Born in 1947 on Manhattan Island, Robert graduated with Honors in Geology from the College of Wooster in 1969, and received his J.D. from the University of Cincinnati in 1973.

He served as a U.S. Army intelligence officer, has worked in mining as a rig hand and prospector in the Sonoran Desert of Southwest Texas and the mountains of Alaska and worked his way through law school as a petroleum geologist.

 While he served out his Army-Reserve Intelligence Commission, Robert practiced natural resources law internationally and in the American West, and was for fifteen years General Counsel for the oil exploration arm of the biggest company and richest family that you never heard of.

He acknowledges that some Cold-War oil-employee reservists did spy, but unequivocally disclaims doing so.  He has, however, quoted the CIA's Kim Roosevelt, who wrote about a former intelligence officer, "He claimed he had left that field entirely...but neither I nor anyone who knew of that interruption in a life...would ever feel sure of that Robert has served as a Director of the Southwestern Legal Foundation, and was a National Science Foundation Fellow in Paleontology. He is a member of the Heinlein Society and the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association. He serves as a judge of the National Space Society's annual Jim Baen Memorial Writing Contest.

As attorney of record in more than three thousand cases, he practiced in the U.S. federal courts, before courts and administrative tribunals in no fewer than thirteen states, and in five foreign countries. Six, if you count Louisiana.

Robert lives in the foothills of the Blue Ridge north of Atlanta, with his family and more bicycles than a grown up needs.

Genres: Science Fiction
Jason Wander
   1. Orphanage (2004)
   2. Orphan's Destiny (2005)
   3. Orphan's Journey (2008)
   4. Orphan's Alliance (2008)
   5. Orphan's Triumph (2009)
Orphan's Legacy
   1. Overkill (2011)
   2. Undercurrents (2011)
   3. Balance Point (2014)
   The Golden Gate (2016)
   My Enemy's Enemy (2019)
Robert Buettner recommends
The Song of the Orphans (2017)
(Silvers, book 2)
Daniel Price
"Conjures a detailed, fantastic alternate Earth, populated with vulnerable, relatable characters from this Earth who readers will enthusiastically follow anywhere. Speculative fiction writers wear imagination like a suit of clothes, and Daniel Price has a closetful."

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