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John Sladek

(John Thomas Sladek)
USA flag (1937 - 2000)

aka Thom Demijohn, Cassandra Knye

John Sladek was born in America in 1937 but moved to the UK in 1966, where he became involved with the British New Wave movement. He began writing sf with 'The Happy Breed' which appeared in Dangerous Visions in 1967. He is now recognized as one of the most brilliant satirists of out time. His novels and short story collections include The Muller Fokker Effect, Tik Tok, Roderick and The Lunatics of Terra. He moved back to Minneapolis in the mid 1980s, where he died in March 2000.

Genres: Science Fiction
   The House That Fear Built (1966) (as by Cassandra Knye)
   Black Alice (1968) (as by Thom Demijohn)
   Mechasm (1968)
     aka The Reproductive System
   The Muller-Fokker Effect (1970)
   Black Aura (1974)
   Invisible Green (1977)
   Tik-Tok (1983)
   Bugs (1989)
Non fiction
Anthologies containing stories by John Sladek
Short stories
Anxietal Register B
The Locked Room
The Master Plan
The Poets of Millgrove, Iowa
The Best-Seller (1966)
Is There Death on Other Planets? (1966)
The Secret of the Old Custard (1966)
1937 A.D.! (1967)
The Happy Breed (1967)
The Design (1968)
A Report on the Migrations of Educational Materials (1968)
The Singular Visitor from Not-Yet (1968)
The Aggressor (1969)
The Commentaries (1969)
The Momster (1969)
The Sublimation World (1969)
Pemberly's Start-Afresh Calliope (1971)
The Short, Happy Wife of Mansard Eliot (1971)
Broot Force (1973)
Engineer to the Gods (1973)
The Great Wall of Mexico (1973)
Joy Ride (1973)
The Moon is Sixpence (1973)
One Damned Thing After Another (1973)
The Purloined Butter (1973)
Ralph 4F (1973)
Secret Identity (1973)
Solar Shoe-salesman (1973)
The Steam-Driven Boy [short story] (1973)
The Transcendental Sandwich (1973)
The Kindly Ones (1974)
Another Look (1975)
Elephant with a Wooden Leg (1975)
The Hammer of Evil (1975)
Heavens Below (1975)
Scenes from Rural Life (1975)
Scenes from the Country of the Blind (1976)
Undecember (1976)
The Face (1977)
A Game of Jump (1977)
Space Shoes of the Gods (1977)
Answers (1984)
Love Among the Xoids (1984)
Stop Evolution in Its Tracks (1988)

Philip K Dick Award Best Book nominee (1982) : Roderick
John W Campbell Memorial Award Best Novel nominee (1984) : Tik-Tok

John Sladek recommends
Man Plus (1976)
Frederik Pohl
"One of the most exciting, brilliantly conceived, and capably written SF novels."

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