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Christine Carbo grew up in Gainesville, Florida, until she moved to Kalispell, Montana, when she was twelve. After earning a pilots license, pursuing various adventures in Norway, and a brief stint as a flight attendant, she got an MA in English and Linguistics and taught writing, linguistics, and literature courses at a community college. She still teaches, in a vastly different realm, as the owner of a Pilates studio. She and her husband live in Whitefish, Montana, with their three kids, one incredibly silly dog, and one very self-possessed cat.

Genres: Mystery
Barry Awards Best Paperback original nominee (2019) : A Sharp Solitude

Christine Carbo recommends
The Quiet Child (2017)
John Burley
"Eerie, troubling, and masterfully written, The Quiet Child is a captivating synthesis of classic suspense and the supernatural. Burley is a writer who understands the bonds of family and knows how to keep the reader in suspense until the last page."
Last Girl Gone (2018)
(Laura Chambers Mystery, book 1)
J G Hetherton
"Last Girl Gone doesn’t read like the work of someone new to suspense. Not only has J. G. Hetherton created an engaging and interesting protagonist who discovers terrible secrets from the past and an implacable evil surviving in the present, he has crafted a riveting story full of twists and shocks. Perfectly paced and plotted from its dramatic beginning to its twist ending, Last Girl Gone is a compulsive read that will keep the reader turning pages."
Come and Get Me (2019)
(Caitlin Bergman Mystery, book 1)
August Norman
"From the chilling beginning to the last tension-filled page, Norman’s debut will grip you and keep you furiously turning pages . . . A fantastic premise, captivating plot, and intelligent, strong main character."
Death in the Family (2020)
(Shana Merchant, book 1)
Tessa Wegert
"Death in the Family is a terrific suspense novel in the classic, Agatha Christie tradition. With a masterful hand, Tessa Wegert combines slices of serial-killer thriller with a locked-room mystery to guide her readers through an atmospheric and riveting story full of fascinating characters and complex relationships...Simultaneously claustrophobic and hauntingly beautiful. Wegert offers an intense read that will grab your attention and not let go, even after the last page is turned."
Mesa Verde Victim (2020)
(National Park Mystery, book 6)
Scott Graham
"Masterfully plotted in confident pose...adventurous and fascinating."
The Cabin on Souder Hill (2020)
Lonnie Busch
"Lonnie Busch masterfully captures both the ordinary and the extraordinary in unsentimental, commanding prose in the chilling and atmospheric Cabin on Souder Hill. When the husband of the main character, Michelle Stage, disappears in the Appalachian woods searching for the source of a strange light below their cabin, she soon follows, tumbling into an alternate reality. From then on, just like Michelle, I was caught and couldn't put it down. Busch's instinctive understanding of love and loss makes the surreal seem real. He never skips a suspenseful beat as he explores the painful trails love and loss make in our world with clear-eyed affection and wit. All his characters, unique and fully realized, take you to surprising places and some will make you laugh - even as you begin to question reality."

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