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Gerard Fairlie

UK flag (1899 - 1983)

Little is known of Gerard Fairlie who was a friend of H C McNeile, 'Sapper', and who took over the writing of the Bulldog Drummond novels after McNeile had died. He wrote seven Bulldog Drummond novels beginning with Bulldog Drummond on Dartmoor in 1938 and ending with The Return of the Black Gang in 1954.

He was born in London in 1899, joined the Officer Training Corps in 1914 and served in the Scots Guards from 1918-1924.
   The Man Who Laughed (1928)
   Scissors Cut Paper (1928)
   The Exquisite Lady (1929)
     aka Yellow Munro
   Stone Blunts Scissors (1929)
   The Muster of the Vultures (1930)
   Suspect (1930)
   The Man with Talent (1931)
   Birds of Prey (1932)
   The Rope Which Hangs (1932)
   The Treasure Nets (1933)
   Copper at Sea (1934)
   The Pianist Shoots First (1938)
   They Found Each Other (1946)
   The Reluctant Cop (1958)
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