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Carl Jacobi

(Carl Richard Jacobi)
USA flag (1908 - 1997)

Carl Richard Jacobi was an American author who wrote short stories in the horror, fantasy, science fiction, and crime genres for the pulp magazine market.

Jacobi was born in Minnesota in 1908 and lived there throughout his life. He attended the University of Minnesota from 1927 to 1930 where he began his writing career in campus magazines. Jacobi died on August 25, 1997.

Genres: Mystery
Series contributed to
Black Cat Weekly
   10. Black Cat Weekly #10 (2021) (with John Gregory Betancourt, Eando Binder, Hal Charles, Dale Clark, David Dean, Murray Leinster, Milton Lesser and Frank Lovell Nelson)
   20. Black Cat Weekly #20 (2022) (with Nick Carter, Hal Charles, Malcolm Jameson, Josh Pachter, Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, Larry Tritten, Larry Allen Tyler and Richard Wilson)
Anthologies containing stories by Carl Jacobi
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Short stories
The Aquarium
The Gentleman is an Epwa
Kincaid's Car
The Coach on the Ring (1932)
Moss Island (1932)
The Tomb from Beyond [short story] (1932)
The Last Drive (1933)
Mive (1933)
A Pair of Swords (1933)
Revelations in Black [short story] (1933)
Smoke of the Snake [short story] (1933)
The Cane (1934)
Phantom Brass (1934)
The Satanic Piano (1934)
The Face in the Wind (1936)
The Kite (1937)
Cosmic Teletype (1938)
The King and the Knave (1938)
Sagasta's Last (1939)
A Study in Darkness (1939)
The Spectral Pistol (1941)
Canal (1944)
Writing on the Wall (1944)
Carnaby's Fish (1945)
The Digging at Pistol Key (1947)
The La Prello Paper (1947)
Witches in the Cornfield (1954)
The Unpleasantness at Carver House (1967)
Eternity When? (1974)
The Music Lover (1974)
Chameleon Town (1975)
Hamadryad (1975)
Test Case (1975)
The Elcar Special (1979)
The Black Garden (1981)
The Chadwick Pit (1981)
Josephine Gage (1984)
The Monument (1985)
Offspring (1986)
A Quire of Foolscap (1987)
The Tunnel (1988)