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Greg Keen

As well as being a crime writer, Greg Keen is an independent media trainer.

Greg got his first proper job in Soho and has pretty much worked there ever since. This made it an ideal setting for his novel Soho Dead winner of the CWA Debut Dagger in 2015. Greg lives in North London. You can reach him at:

Soho Dead introduces Kenny Gabriel, a down at heel skip tracer trying to turn his life round. When Kenny receives a summons from his previous employer, media magnate Frank Parr, his initial reaction is to turn the job down.

But the money is good and Kenny needs a break. How hard can it be to locate Franks wayward daughter, Harry, who has been missing less than a week?

Unfortunately for him, the past has a way of repeating itself. Sooner than he could ever have imagined, Kennys life must either change or end.

Genres: Mystery
   1. Soho Dead (2017)
   2. Soho Ghosts (2018)
   3. Soho Angel (2019)