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Day Leclaire was born on August 25.. Day's interest in writing started at anearly age. "There were four kids in our family, the three girls all closetogether in age. We were home from school one winter day because we'd had ablizzard and Mom.... Well, she was practically pulling her hair out in anattempt to keep us entertained. We'd fought our way through any number ofboard games, had read all the books in the house and were basically making atotal nuisance of ourselves. Out of sheer desperation, Mom told me that if Ididn't have any books to read, I should go write one. So, I did. It was ahistorical. A Cinderella story set in the Wild West with a wicked stepmotherand two wicked stepsisters. As I recall, those two stepsisters bore anuncanny resemblance to my own two sisters. I guess I was out of charity withthem at the time!"

Those initial attempts, rooted in elementary school, continued all the waythrough college. "Although I'd thought about being a writer in high school,I majored in Anthropology at University of California, Berkeley. I was goingto be another Jane Goodall... right up until I went camping for the firsttime. It forced me to reconsider a lifetime spent without the basicnecessities of life -- like running water and flush toilets." So she droppedout to reconsider her career choices.

That's when she met her future husband, Frank. "It was a whirlwindcourtship. We married five months after meeting." The two went into businesstogether, first running a film library in Berkeley, then remodeling housesin Seattle, Washington, before opening up a produce market. "Frank is greatat retail. He's a natural salesman. But I'm not. "With a retail operation,"Day says with a laugh, "you have to be nice to the customers. That's toughsince I'm an introvert who'd rather hide in the employee lounge with my nosein a book. When I became pregnant with our son, Matt, I told Frank that I'dlike to find another line of work. He was incredibly supportive. He asked mewhat I wanted to do and without even thinking I said, 'Write. I want towrite Mills & Boon Romances.' The next day we drove into Seattle and boughtour first computer." And the rest is history!

Well, not quite. "Mills & Boon returned my first attempt -- three mercifullyshort chapters. They said that although my writing was competent, the plotof my story was melodramatic and my characters stereotypical. "But I tookcompetent to mean good. That one word gave me all the encouragement Ineeded. The next book received an even more positive response -- and arequest for a revision. Although they ultimately turned that second storydown, I never grew discouraged. It certainly never occurred to me to giveup."

Then tragedy struck. Day's younger sister, Nancy, was diagnosed with a braintumor and died the following year. "It was a very dark time," Day confesses."We'd recently moved into this tiny condominium outside of San Diego,California, and I didn't know a lot of people. My son, Matt, had just turnedthree and I spent the summer hiding in our home with the drapes drawn,playing with him. Finally my husband -- out of sheer desperation -- told me tostart writing again or go get a job at McDonald's flipping burgers. "Itworked! I sat down and wrote a slapstick romance called Jinxed. After threemonths of depression, I needed some comedic relief and that book providedit. It was my first Mills & Boon Romance and I dedicated it to Nancy."

USA TODAY best-selling author, Day Leclaire is the multi-award-winningauthor of more than forty novels, a full quarter of which have garnered Dayan impressive ten nominations for the romance industry's highest award, theRITA, sponsored by Romance Writers of America. She is also a three-timewinner of both The Colorado Award of Excellence, as well as The Golden QuillAward, has won Romantic Times magazine's Career Achievement award, the HoltMedallion, and the Booksellers Best Award.

Now, Day Leclaire writes for Mills & Boon and lives in the midst of amaritime forest on Hatteras Island on North Carolina's Outer Banks. Despitethe yearly storms that batter them and the frequent power outages, she findsthe beautiful climate, superb fishing, and unbeatable seascape more thanadequate compensation. Being flexible and having a sense of humour alsohelps, she's discovered, along with a love for both the island and hercraft.

As for the future? "I have a ton of ideas. Last time I checked my schedule Iwas booked several years ahead. And considering I come up with book ideasall the time... well, let's just say that I have a lot of writing ahead ofme!"

Genres: Romance, Historical Romance
Christmas Treats (1997) (with Lindsay Armstrong and Penny Jordan)
Her Baby Secret (1999) (with Jacqueline Baird and Lynne Graham)
Wedlocked (1999) (with Anne McAllister and Margaret Way)
Boardroom Affairs (2000) (with Leigh Michaels and Anne Weale)
Mail-Order Grooms (2000) (with Vicki Lewis Thompson)
Rainy Day Kisses / The Bride Price (2001) (with Debbie Macomber)
Marriage Mergers (2002) (with Susan Napier and Michelle Reid)
Tender Love Stories (2002) (with Dixie Browning and Kasey Michaels)
Kissing Frosty / The Boss, the Baby and the Bride (2002) (with Anne Stuart)
Christmas Wishes, Christmas Gifts (2002) (with Tara Taylor Quinn)
In Name Only (2003) (with Jill Shalvis)
Blackhawks Affair / Forbidden Princess (2008) (with Barbara McCauley)
One-Click Buy: February Silhouette Desire (2008) (with Barbara Dunlop, Katherine Garbera, Brenda Jackson, Yvonne Lindsay and Tessa Radley)
Prince's Mistress / Thirty Day Affair (2008) (with Maureen Child)
His Forbidden Fiancee / Royal Wedding Night (2008) (with Christine Ridgeway)
One-Click Buy: May 2008 Silhouette Desire (2008) (with Maureen Child, Olivia Gates, Ann Major, Paula Roe and Emilie Rose)
One-Click Buy: July Silhouette Desire (2008) (with Maureen Child, Jan Colley, Olivia Gates, Emilie Rose and Maxine Sullivan)
Dante's Wedding Deception / Bound by the Kincaid Baby (2008) (with Emilie Rose)
One-Click Buy: September Silhouette Desire (2008) (with Maureen Child, Anna DePalo, Cathleen Galitz, Tessa Radley and Paula Roe)
Dante's Contract Marriage / His Expectant Ex (2008) (with Catherine Mann)
Mistresses by Blackmail (2009) (with Kim Lawrence and Melanie Milburne)
Best of Brides 2008 (2009) (with Susan Mallery and Jane Porter)
Dante's Stolen Wife / Forgotten Marriage (2009) (with Paula Roe)
One-Click Buy: July 2009 Silhouette Desire (2009) (with Michelle Celmer, Katherine Garbera, Olivia Gates, Sandra Hyatt and Bronwyn Jameson)
His Contract Bride (2009) (with Sara Craven and Sandra Marton)
Dante's Wedding Deception / Mistaken Mistress (2009) (with Tessa Radley)
Dante's Contact Marriage / Pregnancy Proposal (2009) (with Tessa Radley)
The Night Before Christmas (2009) (with Brenda Novak and Molly O'Keefe)
An Officer and a Millionaire / Mr Strictly Business (2009) (with Maureen Child)
One-Click Buy: December 2009 Silhouette Desire (2009) (with Yvonne Lindsay, Ann Major, Susan Mallery, Diana Palmer and Tessa Radley)
Inherited: One Child / Dakota Daddy (2010) (with Sara Orwig)
Sin City Wedding / Forbidden Princess (2010) (with Katherine Garbera)
Maverick's Virgin Mistress / Lone Star Seduction (2010) (with Jennifer Lewis)
The Heart of Winter (2011) (with Maggie Shayne and Linda Winstead Jones)
Dante's Ultimate Gamble / In Bed with the Wrangler (2011) (with Barbara Dunlop)
Mistresses and Marriages (2011) (with Jennie Lucas and Laura Wright)
The Millionaire Meets His Match / Dante's Temporary Fiancee (2011) (with Kate Carlisle)
Princesses & Protectors (2011) (with Lucy Monroe and Raye Morgan)
Revenge, Secrets & Seduction (2011) (with Robyn Donald and Jennie Lucas)
The Maverick Prince / Dante's Marriage Pact (2011) (with Catherine Mann)
Dante's Honour-Bound Husband / A Clandestine Corporate Affair (2012) (with Michelle Celmer)
Undone by Her Tender Touch / More Than Perfect (2012) (with Maya Banks)
Baby for the Billionaire (2013) (with Tessa Radley and Maxine Sullivan)
Millionaire Mavericks (2014) (with Michelle Celmer and Jennifer Lewis)
By Request Collection (2015) (with Natalie Anderson, Helen Brooks, Aimee Carson, Maureen Child, Maggie Cox, Lilian Darcy, Christina Hollis, Kimberly Lang, Marion Lennox, Sarah Mayberry, Melanie Milburne, Sarah Morgan, Elizabeth Power, Heidi Rice and Kate Walker)
One Kiss in... Miami (2015) (with Jules Bennett and Katherine Garbera)
Billionaire Bosses Collection (2016) (with Amy Andrews, Michelle Celmer, Lucy Gordon, Kim Lawrence, Yvonne Lindsay, Anne McAllister, Nicola Marsh, Sara Orwig and Cat Schield)
Calhoun Women and Billionaire Bosses Collection (2016) (with Amy Andrews, Michelle Celmer, Lucy Gordon, Yvonne Lindsay, Anne McAllister, Nicola Marsh, Sara Orwig, Nora Roberts and Cat Schield)
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