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Christina McDonald is an author of suspenseful, emotional thrillers. She is also an avid bookworm and a devoted mother and wife. She was born in Seattle, Washington and now lives in London, England with her husband and two sons, where she enjoys reading, writing, hiking and lifting weights at the gym.

Christina always wanted to be a writer. She told her earliest stories to her two younger sisters, who were her first audience, cheerleaders and sounding board. She has a BA in Communications from the University of Washington, Seattle and an MA in Journalism from the National University of Ireland, Galway. Going to college in Ireland wasn’t part of the master plan, but happened randomly when Christina went travelling and arrived at Heathrow Airport in London completely jet lagged, caught sight of the Aer Lingus desk, and spontaneously bought a ticket to Ireland. She loved it so much she went back the following year to study.

Christina has worked as an author, journalist, and copywriter for companies such as The Sunday Times, Dublin, The Connacht Tribune, Galway, Expedia, USA TODAY, Travelex, TUI Travel, Pearson Publishing and British Telecom (BT). Originally from Seattle, WA, she holds an MA in Journalism from the National University of Ireland Galway, and now lives in London, England.

Genres: Mystery
Christina McDonald recommends
Woman on the Edge (2019)
Samantha M Bailey
"Exhilarating and evocative. . . . Woman on the Edge had me gripped. This book effortlessly ticks all the boxes: wonderful world building, realistic characters and a gripping plot that made me keep flipping the pages. It's about obsession and madness, motherhood and trauma. This is a debut you'll want to slip straight to the top of your to-read pile!"
Follow Me (2020)
Kathleen Barber
"Addictive, disturbing, and frighteningly real, Barber ratchets up the tension in this spine-tingling thriller about the dangers of oversharing. Follow Me is one of those rare books that is creepy and suspenseful, while still managing to be a fun, unforgettable read."
Little White Lies (2020)
Philippa East
"Emotionally taut, poignant and raw. A heart-thumping, racing thriller."
He Started It (2020)
Samantha Downing
"A wicked-fun read with razor-sharp wit and a killer twist, He Started It is compelling, captivating, and deliciously dark. Samantha Downing writes with a wry, sparse elegance that steadily entangles you until you're utterly addicted."
This Is How I Lied (2020)
Heather Gudenkauf
"A twisty, evocative tale of the danger of secrets and the power the past has to lead us down deliciously dangerous paths. Immersive and richly atmospheric, This Is How I Lied intertwines page-turning suspense with characters that creep into your very bones…. An exhilarating thriller that shows Heather Gudenkauf is at the top of her game."
Perfectly Famous (2020)
Emily Liebert
"Much more than a clever whodunit, Perfectly Famous is a subtle and lyrical acclamation of relationships, especially the challenging one between mothers and daughters. Irresistible and intriguing, it smolders with a brooding, slow-burn tension that delicately unwinds to a final, profoundly shocking outcome. A captivating story that’s richly evocative, with characters you won’t soon forget. Perfectly Famous is a must read for fans of domestic drama."
How to Save a Life (2020)
Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke
"Liz and Lisa’s latest is flawless and irresistible, profoundly moving and endlessly emotional. How to Save a Life is a truly unique and beautiful reimagining of Groundhog Day, asking if life and death are preordained, if our destiny is predetermined, and if some lives are meant to be saved."
Behind the Red Door (2020)
Megan Collins
"Spellbinding, poignant and atmospheric, Behind The Red Door is one of those rare stories you can get utterly lost in. With writing so richly evocative I could vividly imagine every detail, this is a mesmerizing tale in which family bonds are broken, lifelong secrets are exposed, and a woman who suffers a debilitating anxiety disorder must find the truth about her connection to a decades-old kidnapping. Intensely moving, beautifully written and thoroughly enjoyable, I can't recommend this highly enough!"
Until I Find You (2020)
Rea Frey
"A beautifully, poignant, emotional story, Until I Find You examines what it means to trust yourself, even in a world where seeing is believing, and you can't see to believe. With well-written characters and suffused with emotion, Until I Find You is a riveting story about the power of a mother's love."
For the Best (2020)
Vanessa Lillie
"A fascinating look at the power of restorative justice, For the Best is Vanessa Lillie at her finest. With damaged characters and a dark undercurrent, the plot unravels a myriad of devastating secrets in the wake of an alcohol-soaked night that left a man dead and a woman accused of his murder. Mesmerizing and thought-provoking, For the Best smolders with a brooding, slow-burn tension you simply won’t want to miss."
Loss Lake (2020)
Amber Cowie
"Wonderfully tense and gorgeously disturbing, Loss Lake is richly atmospheric, centering around a much-fabled monster-filled lake and a darkly twisted small town hiding big secrets. Hypnotic and irresistible, you won’t be able to look away. This beautiful, tautly written story is about love and loss, grief and guilt, and how the past always catches up with us."
Girls with Bright Futures (2021)
Tracy Dobmeier and Wendy Katzman
"Wickedly paced and devilishly clever, Girls with Bright Futures is a serious case of moms behaving badly, perfectly showcasing the dark side of ambition in the cut-throat world of elite college admissions. For those who enjoy mischief and mayhem in an urban, ultra-competitive private school setting, this smart and riveting debut is a wildly entertaining read."
Six Weeks to Live (2021)
Catherine McKenzie
"Smart, engrossing and richly emotional, Six Weeks to Live is a deep dive into the secrets and lies between a dying mother and her three daughters. Part who-dunnit, part family drama, this textured and utterly spellbinding story unravels in surprising ways you won’t see coming. A heart-wrenching, complex story of death, regret, and the impact our pasts have on our future."
The Night We Burned (2021)
S F Kosa
"Tense and unsettling, this captivating tale follows Dora, a newspaper fact-checker with dark secrets, as she desperately tries to outrun her past. With high stakes and a compelling protagonist, the story rockets towards its shocking conclusion, deftly exploring the line between fact and fiction and posing the question: do facts always matter? A wild and entertaining read."
One Year Gone (2021)
Avery Bishop
"An emotionally charged mystery that’s simultaneously heartbreaking and thrilling as a single mother risks everything to find her missing daughter. One Year Gone is deeply unsettling and gorgeously disturbing. Don’t miss this one!"
The Perfect Family (2021)
Robyn Harding
"Unsettling and darkly sublime, Robyn Harding deftly explores twisted family dynamics and devastating secrets in suburbia in this stunning novel that will shock readers by the final page. The Perfect Family explores a perfect family’s perfect façade, and how even perfect lies can become perfect nightmares. A mesmerizing, compulsively readable thriller, this one smoulders from the first page to the last."
Nanny Needed (2021)
Georgina Cross
"Deliciously creepy and absolutely riveting, Nanny Needed is a gripping thriller about what happens when one woman’s dream job turns into her waking nightmare. Full of dark secrets and surprising twists, nothing is as it seems amid these pages. Watch out . . . this one will take you for a massively entertaining ride!"

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