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Greg Rucka

USA flag (b.1969)

Greg Rucka is the author of nearly a dozen novels, six featuring bodyguard Atticus Kodiak, and two featuring Tara Chace, the protagonist of his Queen & Country series. Additionally, he has penned several short-stories, countless comics, and the occasional non-fiction essay. In comics, he has had the opportunity to write stories featuring some of the world's best-known characters—Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman—as well as penning several creator-owned properties himself, such as Whiteout and Queen & Country, both published by Oni Press. His work has been optioned several times over, and his services are in high-demand in a variety of creative fields as a story-doctor and creative consultant.

Greg resides in Portland, Oregon, with his wife, author Jennifer Van Meter, and his two children. He thinks the biggest problem with the world is that people aren't paying enough attention.

Genres: Thriller, Science Fiction
Atticus Kodiak
   1. Keeper (1996)
   2. Finder (1997)
   3. Smoker (1998)
   4. Shooting at Midnight (1999)
   5. Critical Space (2001)
   6. Patriot Acts (2007)
   7. Walking Dead (2009)
Perfect Dark
   Initial Vector (2005)
   Second Front (2007)
Jad Bell
   1. Alpha (2012)
   2. Bravo (2014)
   Grendel: Past Prime (2000)
   A Fistful of Rain (2003)
Greg Rucka recommends
Constance (2021)
(Constance, book 1)
Matthew FitzSimmons
"Constance is a blistering, balletic read—silky-smooth world building that effortlessly grounds a wonderful, harrowing tale of mystery, suspense, identity, friendship, and redemption. This is, for all its twists, turns, and tricks, a novel that does what a novel should do: examine what makes us human after all. Genuinely one of the best books I have read in a long, long time."
Assassin of Secrets (2011)
Q R Markham
"Dangerously sharp, genuinely fun - and very, very, very smart."

Anthologies containing stories by Greg Rucka
From a Certain Point of View: Star Wars (2017)
(Star Wars: From a Certain Point of View, book 1)
Murder and Mayhem in Muskego (2012)
edited by
Jon and Ruth Jordan
The Blue Religion (2008)
New Stories About Cops, Criminals, and the Chase
(Mystery Writers of America Presents)
edited by
Michael Connelly

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