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Adam is the culture editor of The New York Times Magazine and the author of Shovel Ready, a future-noir thriller about a garbageman-turned-hitman set in a dystopian New York City. Formerly, he was an editor-at-large for New York magazine, and has written for GQ, Bloomberg Businessweek, The Times of London, and appeared on the radio program This American Life. For many years Adam was the co-editor of the satirical celebrity website Fametracker. Raised in Toronto, he now live in Brooklyn,

Genres: Science Fiction, Mystery
Edgar Awards Best First Novel nominee (2015) : Shovel Ready

Adam Sternbergh recommends
Dodgers (2016)
Bill Beverly
"The sentences will snare you, and the story keeps you hooked — a thrilling cross-country journey that takes on the poetry and resonance of myth."
Blackfish City (2018)
Sam J Miller
"Blackfish City is an exhilarating tour of a post-catastrophe future that’s both fantastical and eerily convincing. Imagine The Yiddish Policeman’s Union cross-bred with Snowcrash and you’ll get an inkling of the imaginative horsepower on display here."
Who Killed the Fonz? (2019)
James Boice
"James Boice has achieved a magic kind of alchemy, exhuming beloved characters from our collective consciousness and gifting them with a fate, a future, and poignant inner lives. Who Killed the Fonz? is the best kind of pop-culture hypothetical -- one that imagines, with heart, wit, and smarts, what happens when the Happy Days fade and real life begins."

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