Alex Shaw

Genres: Thriller, Mystery
   Death Toll (2013) (with J H Bogrn, Stephen Edger, Stephen Leather, Howard Manson and Liam Saville)
   Death Toll 2 (2013) (with Stephen Edger, Milton Gray, Matt Hilton, Stephen Leather, Scott H Lewis, Liam Saville and Harlan Wolff)
   Capital Crimes (2015) (with Charlie Cochrane, Stephen Edger, Charlie Flowers, Alan McDermott, J L Merrow, Lambert Nagle, Graeme Shimmin, Maynard Sims and Douglas Stewart)
   The Thirteen Lives of Frank Peppercorn (2017) (with Dominic Adler, Jason Beech, Kevin Berg, Ryan Bracha, Paul D Brazill, Robert Cowan, Craig Furchtenicht, Shervin Jamali, Jason Michel, Allen Miles and Mark Wilson)
   Noirville (2018) (with S E Bailey, Sarah M Chen, Patsy Collins, Russell Day, Jen Delozier, Paul Gadsby, Joe Guglielmelli, Chris Hyatt, Glen Mehn, Scott Miles, John Scheck, John Schreier, Marc Sorondo and Jeff C Stevenson)
   Death Toll 3 (2019) (with Dominic Adler, J H Bogran, Paul D Brazill, Stephen Edger, Charlie Flowers, Paul Grzegorzek, Matt Hilton, Jamie Mason and Douglas Stewart)
Alex Shaw recommends
Dark as Angels (2018)
Dominic Adler
"Alder's post-apocalyptic London is a hard-hitting cocktail of Mad Max and Die Hard. Read it."

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