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B A Shapiro

A pseudonym used by Barbara A Shapiro

B.A. Shapiro is the author of THE ART FORGER, a literary thriller about the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum heist that spans three centuries of forgers, art thieves, and obsessive collectors, revealing both the beauty of the artists vision and the ugliness the desire for great art can unleash.

Booklist praised THE ART FORGER as an entrancingly visual, historically rich, deliciously witty, sensuous, and smart tale of authenticity versus fakery. Writing as Barbara Shapiro, she is the author of five suspense novels: THE SAFE ROOM, BLIND SPOT, SEE NO EVIL, BLAMELESS and SHATTERED ECHOES as well as the non-fiction book, THE BIG SQUEEZE. She lives in Boston and teaches creative writing at Northeastern University.

Genres: Historical Mystery, Historical, Mystery
B A Shapiro recommends
Fugitive Colors (2012)
Lisa Barr
"Insightful. Fascinating. Un-put-downable."
The Other Einstein (2016)
Marie Benedict
"Fascinating and thoughtful."
The Fortune Teller (2017)
Gwendolyn Womack
"The Fortune Teller is a gripping, twisting tale that spans thousands of years, thousands of miles, and perhaps even crosses over to the 'other side.' A fascinating read that is that unlikely combination of unputdownable and thought-provoking."
Strangers in Budapest (2017)
Jessica Keener
"A provocative novel about the power of the past--and our interpretations and misinterpretations of it--to haunt the present. An unlikely alliance between an elderly man and a young mother, both American ex-pats living in Budapest in the 1990s, brings this dilemma to life as the two struggle with their demons in a city unable to shake its own. A wonderful book."
The Black Painting (2018)
Neil Olson
"The Black Painting is a fast-paced psychological thriller with a fascinating set of characters caught in a web of family lies, deceits, secrets, mental instability and a possible murder. This powerful tale of love and betrayal centers around a sinister painting that may, or may not, be haunted. A real page-turner."
The Museum of Modern Love (2018)
Heather Rose
"A deliciously inventive tale of the New York art scene, swirling with complex characters and connections, posing questions about how we should live, about art's ability to change our lives, and about the ways art changes the artists who create it."

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