Louisa Morgan

A pseudonym used by Louise Marley

Genres: Fantasy

Louisa Morgan recommends
The Sisters Mederos (2018)
(Tales of Port Saint Frey, book 1)
Patrice Sarath
"Patrice Sarath gives us a colorful Dickensian fantasy that leads the reader on an unpredictable path of murder, intrigue, and mystery, served up with her customary lively characterizations and pitch-perfect dialogue. It’s a tale of magic lost and recovered, fortunes made and squandered, and broken lives healed, all of it engineered by Yvienne and Tesara, two resourceful and delightful protagonists, in the company of some charming and often dangerous sidekicks."
The Mermaid (2018)
Christina Henry
"Beautifully written and daringly conceived, The Mermaid is a fabulous story, in both senses of that word. It's full of magic and passion and courage, set against a convincing historical backdrop in which women, much less mermaids, have only the power they seize for themselves. Henry's spare, muscular prose is a delight. I loved this novel."
The Sisters of the Winter Wood (2018)
Rena Rossner
"A graceful, poetic, deeply moving novel. Its characters are fantastical and yet essentially human, bound by ambition and desire, fear and prejudice, but above all, love in all its forms . . . a simply gorgeous book in every sense."
A Boy and His Dog At the End of the World (2019)
C A Fletcher
"This novel has everything I love about a story: fully realized characters, beautiful writing, and utterly believable, even frightening, world-building. I promise you're going to love it."
The Unlikely Escape of Uriah Heep (2019)
H G Parry
"A delightful blend of adventure and mystery and marvel, a story in which the fantastical becomes real. This beautifully-written novel is an exploration of the power fiction wields -- the power to inform and to change, even to endanger, our everyday world."
A Witch in Time (2020)
Constance Sayers
"Fresh and original... a narrative rich in historical detail, brightened by flashes of humor, and filled with colorful characters and fascinating settings. A most rewarding read!"
You Let Me In (2020)
Camilla Bruce
"You Let Me In is a dark, delicious confection of a novel, a tour-de-force of the unreliable narrator?or is it? Either way?I loved every word."
The Year of the Witching (2020)
(Bethel, book 1)
Alexis Henderson
"The Year of the Witching is a dark, dramatic tale of oppression and rebellion, ideology and morality, with a complicated, appealing protagonist caught in a Handmaid's Tale nightmare. It's a fine addition to the body of feminist fantasy works, a great read."
The Witch's Heart (2021)
Genevieve Gornichec
"The Witch's Heart is a unique novel that transforms the faceless names of an epic tale into living, breathing, sympathetic characters. With a witty and spirited protagonist, this book will surprise and delight from beginning to end."
Malice (2021)
(Malice Duology, book 1)
Heather Walter
"Heather Walter’s enchanting—and enchanted—debut is a delight of a novel. She has deftly turned the old fairy tale of ‘Sleeping Beauty’ inside out, revealing hidden layers of history and meaning and emotion. Lively characters, a tempting sapphic romance, and a richly built world make this a book to savor."
Wildwood Whispers (2021)
(Wildwood , book 1)
Willa Reece
"A lovely tale of sisterly love, the power of inheritance, and the many magics of the natural world. Readers will love Reece’s wonderful wisewomen and cheer for the abandoned baby who grows up to find her true home. A deeply satisfying read!"
Rain Music (2021)
Patrick Swenson
"A musical, mystical tale spun in the shadows."
The Beholden (2022)
Cassandra Rose Clarke
"An atmospheric tale of two sisters, each as formidable in her own way as the gods they must battle, The Beholden is a story to lose yourself in. Clarke's intricately-designed world of rogue magics and unique powers is a character all its own."
The Violence (2022)
Delilah S Dawson
"The Violence is a stunning story with a cast of fully developed characters and an utterly convincing plot. It's a dark, exciting, and often charming tale of three amazing people who discover just how strong women can be."
The Book of Gothel (2022)
Mary McMyne
"The Book of Gothelis wonderfully rich with historical detail, and sparkles with the intermingled magic of gods and goddesses, seers and wisewomen. Haelewise is a memorable heroine, worthy of legend. Readers will see the story of Rapunzel in a new and refreshing light."
Small Town, Big Magic (2022)
(Witchlore, book 1)
Hazel Beck
"Emerson Wilde is a smart, funny protagonist whose unshakeable belief in herself will charm the reader from the very first page of Small Town, Big Magic. A diverse coven of witches, an enchanted history, and a dangerous adversary all add up to an absolute delight of a magical tale."
The Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches (2022)
Sangu Mandanna
"Absolutely charming, adorably witty, and features an endearing cast of characters and a wonderfully tricky and romantic plot. This is a lighthearted tale of a coven everyone will long to join!"
The Last Dreamwalker (2022)
Rita Woods
"A fascinating novel of a family heritage that is both gift and curse, of the struggle of once-enslaved mystics and their contemporary descendants to command their power, and to take their rightful place in the world. Dr. Woods displays a wonderfully sure hand with her prose, and a delightful mastery of dialect. I love this book both for its voice and its story of a painful history set right."

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