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S S van Dine

(Willard Huntington Wright)
USA flag (1888 - 1939)

Around 1925 Willard Huntington Wright, critic and writer, underwent a long illness. As part of his convalescence he wrote The Benson Murder Case, in which he created the character of Philo Vance, a master sleuth. So that the book would not be compared to his other works he adopted the pseudonym S.S. Van Dine. By the time The Canary Murder Case, the second in the series was published, Van Dine had become a best seller.

Genres: Mystery
Short stories
The almost perfect crime (1929)
The Bonmartini murder case (1929)
The inconvenient husband (1929)
The man in the blue overcoat (1929)
A murder in the witches' cauldron (1929)
Poison (1929)
The scarlet nemesis (1929)
Fool! (1930)