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Robert Anton Wilson is the coauthor, with Robert Shea, of the underground classic The Illuminatus! Trilogy , which won the 1986 Prometheus Hall of Fame Award. His other writings include Schrodinger's Cat Trilogy, called "the most scientific of all science fiction novels," by New Scientist, and several nonfiction works of Futurist psychology and guerilla ontology, such as Prometheus Rising and The New Inquisition. Wilson, who sees himself as a Futurist, author, and stand-up comic, regularly gives seminars at Eslan and other New Age centers. Wilson has made both a comedy record (Secrets of Power) and a punk rock record (The Chocolate Biscuit Conspiracy), and his play Wilhelm Reich in Hell was performed at the Edmund Burke Theatre in Dublin, Ireland. His novel Illuminatus! was adapted as a 10-hour science fiction rock epic and performed under the patronage of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at Great Britain's National Theatre, where Wilson appeared briefly on stage in a special cameo role. Robert Anton Wilson is also a former editor at Playboy magazine.

Genres: Science Fiction
Illuminatus! (with Robert Shea)
   1. The Eye in the Pyramid (1975)
   2. The Golden Apple (1975)
   3. Leviathan (1975)
Cosmic Trigger
   1. Cosmic Trigger (1977)
   2. Down to Earth (1991)
Historical Illuminatus
   1. The Earth Will Shake (1983)
   2. The Widow's Son (1991)
   3. Nature's God (1989)
   Neuropolitics (1977) (with Timothy Leary)
   Masks of the Illuminati (1981)
   Coincidance (1988)
   Ishtar Rising (1989)
Anthologies edited
   Semiotext(e) SF (1989) (with Rudy Rucker and Peter Lamborn Wilson)
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Robert Anton Wilson recommends
The Point Man (1981)
(Max August Magikal Thrillers , book 1)
Steve Englehart
"I haven't read a novel like this since The Exorcist."

Anthologies containing stories by Robert Anton Wilson
Disco 2000 (1998)
edited by
Sarah Champion
Semiotext(e) SF (1989)
edited by
Rudy Rucker, Peter Lamborn Wilson and Robert Anton Wilson

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