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H Russell Wakefield's picture

H Russell Wakefield

(Herbert Russell Wakefield)
UK flag (1888 - 1964)

Herbert Russell Wakefield was an English short story writer, novelist, publisher, and civil servant chiefly remembered today for his ghost stories.
Anthologies containing stories by H Russell Wakefield
Short stories
The Animals in the Case
'And He Shall Sing...' (1928)
An Echo (1928)
'He Cometh and He Passeth By' (1928)
Or Persons Unknown (1928)
A Peg on Which to Hang (1928)
Professor Pownall's Oversight (1928)
The Red Lodge (1928)
The Seventeenth Hole at Duncaster (1928)
That Dieth Not (1928)
The Third Coach (1928)
Blind Man's Buff (1929)
The Cairn (1929)
A Coincidence at Hunton (1929)
The Frontier Guards (1929)
A Jolly Surprise for Henri (1929)
The Last to Leave (1929)
'Look Up There!' (1929)
Nurse's Tale (1929)
Old Man's Beard [short story] (1929)
Present at the End (1929)
The Red Hand (1929)
The Central Figure (1931)
Corporal Humpit of the Fourth Musketeers (1931)
Damp Sheets (1931)
Day-Dream in Macedon (1931)
Epilogue by Roger Bantock (1931)
The Inevitable Flaw (1931)
Knock! Knock! Who's There? (1932)
Messrs Turkes and Talbot (1932)
Mr Ash's Studio (1932)
Used Car (1932)
Death of a Poacher (1935)
A Fishing Story (1935)
The First Sheaf (1936)
Lucky's Grove (1940)
Ghost Hunt (1947)
A Kink in Space Time (1948)
From the Vasty Deep (1949)
The Triumph of Death (1949)
The Third Shadow (1950)
Woe Water (1950)
The Gorge of the Churels (1951)
The Sepulchre of Jasper Sarasen (1953)
The Caretaker (1961)
'Four Eyes' (1961)
'Immortal Bird' (1961)
The Middle Drawer (1961)
Monstrous Regiment (1961)
The Last Meeting of Two Old Friends (1964)

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