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Raye Morgan

A pseudonym used by Helen Conrad

Raye Morgan grew up in Holland, Guam and California, and spent a few years in Washington, D.C., as well. She lives in the Los Angeles area now with her geologist/computer scientist husband and the two of her four sons who still live at home.

"Having the boys around helps keep me up on the current trends," she says with a laugh. "But writing helps keep me in touch with the romance that weaves through the everyday lives we all live."

Genres: Romance
   Wanted: Mother (1996) (with Annette Broadrick and Ginna Gray)
   The Wedding Arrangement (2003) (with Barbara Boswell)
   Small Wonders (2004) (with Candace Camp, Ann Major and Dallas Schulze)
   Mail-Order Wives (2006) (with Charlotte Douglas)
   Brides and Babies Bundle (2007) (with Liz Fielding and Lucy Gordon)
   One-Click Buy: January 2008 Harlequin Presents (2008) (with Jacqueline Baird, Sara Craven, Lynne Graham, Melanie Milburne and Chantelle Shaw)
   Harlequin Romance Diamond Bride (2009) (with Caroline Anderson, Shirley Jump, Margaret Way, Rebecca Winters and Trish Wylie)
   Unexpected Proposals (2010) (with Ally Blake, Patricia Thayer and Rebecca Winters)
   Beauty and the Reclusive Prince / Executive: Expecting Tiny Twins (2010) (with Barbara Hannay)
   Mediterranean Men and Marriage (2010) (with Donna Alward and Carol Grace)
   Star-Crossed Sweethearts / Secret Prince, Instant Daddy! (2010) (with Jackie Braun)
   Nanny Under the Mistletoe / Single Father, Surprise Prince! (2010) (with Teresa Southwick)
   Crown Prince, Pregnant Bride! / Valentine Bride (2011) (with Christine Rimmer)
   A Royal Wedding (2011) (with Caitlin Crews, Nina Harrington and Trish Morey)
   Princesses & Protectors (2011) (with Day Leclaire and Lucy Monroe)
   Twin Ties, Twin Joys (2011) (with Teresa Carpenter and Josie Metcalfe)
   Royal Wedding Bells (2011) (with Nina Harrington)
   The Prince's Texas Bride / The Reluctant Princess (2012) (with Leanne Banks)
   The Doctor Takes a Princess / Pregnant with the Prince's Child (2012) (with Leanne Banks)
   Taming the Lost Prince / Inherited: Expectant Cinderella (2012) (with Myrna Mackenzie)
   Baby on Board (2013) (with Liz Fielding, Patrica Thayer and Patricia Thayer)
   The Brides of Bella Rosa (2013) (with Barbara Hannay and Rebecca Winters)
   A Daddy for Her Sons / Sparks Fly with the Billionaire (2013) (with Marion Lennox)
   Diamonds are for Sharing (2013) (with Nina Harrington and Shirley Jump)
   Marriage for Her Baby / The Making of a Princess (2013) (with Teresa Carpenter)
   Pregnancy Proposals (2013) (with Brenda Harlen and Rebecca Winters)
   The Lost Princes: Darius, Cassius & Monte (2014)
   Valentine's Day (2015) (with Allison Leigh, Nikki Logan, Tracy Madison, Nicola Marsh, Leah Martyn and Christine Rimmer)
   Single Mum Seeking... (2017) (with Teresa Hill)
   A Proposal Worth Waiting For (2017) (with Teresa Carpenter and Melissa McClone)
   Royals: Wed To The Prince (2018) (with Leanne Banks and Robyn Donald)
   An Heir For The Prince (2020) (with Marion Lennox and Rebecca Winters)
   One Season Collection (2020) (with Andrea Bolter, Stacy Connelly, Marie Ferrarella, Jessica Gilmore, Abigail Gordon, Barbara Hannay, Anne Oliver, RaeAnne Thayne, Gina Wilkins, Scarlet Wilson and Trish Wylie)
   The Prince Charming Collection (2020) (with Caitlin Crews, Anna DePalo, Robyn Donald, Liz Fielding, Anne Fraser, Robin Gianna, Marion Lennox, Tessa Radley, Teresa Southwick, Rachael Thomas, Nancy Robards Thompson and Rebecca Winters)
   Twins: Double Trouble (2020) (with Stella Bagwell and Rebecca Winters)
   Scandalous Secrets: A Royal Secret (2021) (with Yvonne Lindsay and Rebecca Winters)
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