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(Dean Charles Ing)
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Dean Ing was an American author, who usually wrote in the science fiction and techno-thriller genres.

Dean Charles Ing was formerly a member of the United States Air Force, an aerospace engineer, and a university professor who held a doctorate in communications theory. He was a professional writer since 1977. Following the death of science fiction author Mack Reynolds in 1983, Ing was asked to finish several of Reynolds' uncompleted manuscripts.

Genres: Science Fiction
Series contributed to
Non fiction
   Mutual Assured Survival (1984) (with Jerry Pournelle)
   The Future of Flight (1985) (with Leik Myrabo)
Anthologies containing stories by Dean Ing
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Short stories
Devil You Don't Know (1978)Hugo (nominee)
Nebula Awards (nominee)
Very Proper Charlies (1978)
Down and Out on Ellfive Prime (1979)
Fleas (1979)
Sam and the Sudden Blizzard Machine (1979)
Anasazi (part 1 of 2) (1980)
Cathouse [short story] (1988)
Briar Patch (1989)
Briar Patch (Part 1) (1989)
Briar Patch (Part 2) (1989)
Dialogues in the Zoo (1989)

Hugo Best Novellette nominee (1979) : Devil You Don't Know
Nebula Awards Best Novellette nominee (1979) : Devil You Don't Know

Books about Dean Ing
The Work of Dean Ing (1990) by Scott Alan Burgess
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