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Edmond Hamilton

(Edmond Moore Hamilton)
USA flag (1904 - 1977)
Husband of Leigh Brackett

aka Brett Sterling

Edmond Moore Hamilton was a popular author of science fiction stories and novels throughout the mid-twentieth century. Born in Youngstown, Ohio, he was raised there and in nearby New Castle, Pennsylvania. Something of a child prodigy, he graduated high school and started college (Westminster College, New Wilmington, Pennsylvania) at the age of 14--but washed out at 17. He was the Golden Age writer who worked on Batman, the Legion of Super-Heroes, and many sci-fi books.

Genres: Science Fiction, Mystery

Captain Future
   1. Captain Future and the Space Emperor (1940)
   2. Calling Captain Future (1940)
   3. Captain Future's Challege (1940)
   4. Galaxy Mission (1940)
   5. Captain Future and the Seven Space Stones (1941)
   6. Star Trail to Glory (1941)
   7. The Magician of Mars (1941)
   8. The Lost World of Time (1941)
   9. Quest Beyond the Stars (1941)
   10. Outlaws of the Moon (1942)
   11. The Comet Kings (1942)
   12. Planets in Peril (1942)
   13. The Face of the Deep (1943)
   14. Worlds to Come (1943) (as by Brett Sterling)
   15. The Star of Dread (1943) (as by Brett Sterling)
   16. Magic Moon (1944) (as by Brett Sterling)
   17. The Tenth Planet (1969) (as by Brett Sterling)
   18. Red Sun of Danger (1945) (as by Brett Sterling)
     aka Danger Planet
   19. Outlaw World (1968)
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John Gordon
   1. The Star Kings (1949)
     aka Beyond the Moon
   2. Return to the Stars (1970)
Series contributed to
Black Cat Weekly
   14. Black Cat Weekly #14 (2021) (with John Gregory Betancourt, Zenith Brown, Melodie Campbell, Nick Carter, Hal Charles, Barb Goffman, Henry Kuttner, Tom Purdom and Larry Tritten)
   32. Black Cat Weekly #32 (2022) (with Jayme Lynn Blaschke, Hal Charles, Wil A Emerson, Mel Gilden, Malcolm Jameson, Robert Sheckley, Henry Slesar, Don Webb and Stacy Woodson)
Anthologies containing stories by Edmond Hamilton
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Short stories
Son of Two Worlds
The Monster-God of Mamurth (1926)
Crashing Suns [short story] (1928)
The Star Stealers [short story] (1929)
Within the Nebula [short story] (1929)
The Comet Drivers [short story] (1930)
The Cosmic Cloud [short story] (1930)
A Conquest of Two Worlds (1932)
The Earth-Brain (1932)
Horror on the Asteroid (1933)
The Island of Unreason (1933)
The Man Who Saw Everything (1933)
The Man Who Returned (1934)
Thundering Worlds (1934)
The Accursed Galaxy (1935)
Child of the Winds (1936)
Devolution (1936)
In the World's Dusk (1936)
Fessenden's Worlds (1937)
The Seeds from Outside (1937)
Easy Money (1938)
He That Hath Wings (1938)
The Isle of the Sleeper (1938)
Dreamer's World (1941)
Exile (1943)
The Inn Outside the World (1945)
Day of Judgment (1946)
The Dead Planet (1946)
The King of Shadows (1947)
The Star of Life [short story] (1947)
Serpent Princess (1948)
Transuranic (1948)
The Watcher of the Ages (1948)
Alien Earth (1949)
What's It Like Out There? [short story] (1952)
The Starcombers (1956)
No Earthman, I (1957)
Requiem (1962)
Sunfire! (1962)
After a Judgment Day (1963)
Kingdoms of the Stars (1964)
The Pro (1964)
Castaway (1968)