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Rosemary Timperley

UK flag (1920 - 1988)

Rosemary Kenyon Timperley was born in Crouch End, North London on March20, 1920. Her father, George Kenyon Timperley, was an architect and her mother, Emily Mary(nee Lethem), was a teacher. Rosemary Timperley was educated at Hornsey High School andKing's College, London University, where she achieved a B.A. Honours degree in History.After her graduation in 1941, Timperley began a spell as a teacher of English and Historyat South-East Essex County Technical School in Dagenham, Essex.
Anthologies edited
Non fiction
   Give the Best Away (2017) (with MBE Lancaster and Murray Watts)
Anthologies containing stories by Rosemary Timperley
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Short stories
A Backwards Shadow
The Bandaged Man
Christmas Meeting
The Mistress In Black
On the Theatre Steps
The Peg-Doll
The Power Cut
The Private Torture Chamber
Rachel and Simon
Street of the Blind Donkey
Supper with Martha
The Thug
The Unknown Caller
Walk on the Water
What Happened To Sally?
The Woman With the Mauve Face
Harry (1955)
Hell on Both Sides of the Gate (1962)
The Ghosts in the Garden (1972)
The Tunnel (1973)
To Keep Him Company (1974)
Mr Nobody (1975)
From Another World (1976)
The Maid, the Madman and the Knife (1976)
The Man with the Flute (1977)
The Eye of the Mandala (1978)
Masks and Voices (1978)
The Deathly Silence (1979)
No Man Living So Tall... (1979)
Some Travellers Return... (1980)