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Melissa Caruso

Melissa Caruso graduated with honours in Creative Writing from Brown University and holds an MFA in Fiction from University of Massachusetts - Amherst.

Genres: Fantasy
Swords and Fire
   1. The Tethered Mage (2017)
   2. The Defiant Heir (2018)
   3. The Unbound Empire (2019)
Rooks and Ruin
   1. The Obsidian Tower (2020)
   2. The Quicksilver Court (2021)
   3. The Ivory Tomb (2022)
Melissa Caruso recommends
The Sun and the Void (2023)
(Warring Gods, book 1)
Gabriela Romero Lacruz
"A gorgeous epic of family and power, gods and magic, longing and betrayal."
The Surviving Sky (2023)
(Rages Trilogy, book 1)
Kritika H Rao
"The Surviving Sky weaves a compelling web of wounded hearts and warped duty, as conflicting forces of ambition, love, and magic strain its characters to the breaking point in a lush world on the brink of destruction. Fall from its floating city's edge into a storm of emotions!"
Empire of Exiles (2022)
(Books of the Usurper, book 1)
Erin M Evans
"Empire of Exiles has it all: characters I love, intertwined compelling mysteries in the past and present, plot twists that keep coming, and a unique and fascinating world and magic system!"
Notorious Sorcerer (2022)
(Burnished City, book 1)
Davinia Evans
"Notorious Sorcerer feels like a dream you don't want to wake from. . . I devoured it and want more!"
Kalyna the Soothsayer (2022)
(Failures of Four Kingdoms, book 1)
Elijah Kinch Spector
"Kalyna the Soothsayer is dangerously good: a spellbinding story, captivatingly told, with a cast of unforgettable characters and plot twists that kept me turning pages past my bedtime."
The Stardust Thief (2022)
(Sandsea Trilogy, book 1)
Chelsea Abdullah
"Sizzling with action and secrets, The Stardust Thief is a grand adventure with unforgettable characters, enchanting magic, and plenty of heart."

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