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Melissa Caruso

Melissa Caruso graduated with honours in Creative Writing from Brown University and holds an MFA in Fiction from University of Massachusetts - Amherst.

Genres: Fantasy

Melissa Caruso recommends
Age of Assassins (2017)
(Wounded Kingdom, book 1)
RJ Barker
"With an original, immersive world that wouldn't let me go and a pair of assassins worth rooting for, Age of Assassins is a pleasure to read. I can't wait for more!"
The Wolf of Oren-Yaro (2017)
(Chronicles of the Bitch Queen, book 1)
K S Villoso
"An action-packed plot and deep, vivid world-building."
Torn (2018)
(Unraveled Kingdom, book 1)
Rowenna Miller
"Miller weaves a fresh, richly textured world full of magic-stitched ball gowns and revolutionary pamphlets. The vivid, complex setting and deeply human characters make for an absorbing read!"
Empire of Sand (2018)
(Books of Ambha, book 1)
Tasha Suri
"Empire of Sand is a lovely dark dream full of wrenching choices and bittersweet triumph. This gorgeous, magic-woven story and its determined heroine spin hope from hopelessness, power from powerlessness, and love from desolation."
The Ten Thousand Doors of January (2019)
Alix E Harrow
"All the magic you once knew but have almost forgotten waits in these pages for you to discover again. With a masterful voice and a spellbinding story, reading The Ten Thousand Doors of January feels like coming back to a beloved childhood classic to find it unexpectedly grew up with you. It's a deeply satisfying pleasure to read, and lingers in your heart afterwards. I loved it!"
There Will Come a Darkness (2019)
(Age of Darkness , book 1)
Katy Rose Pool
"A brilliantly woven story with compelling characters, surprising twists and a prophecy driven not by distant fate but by hard, human choices. There Will Come a Darkness was a pleasure to read and left me eager for more!"
The Midnight Bargain (2020)
C L Polk
"The Midnight Bargain is a delicious mix of forbidden magic and social ritual, with dangerous secrets, impossible choices, coded grimoires, and stolen kisses dressed up in a sensory feast of fancy carriages and corset stays. It’s Pride and Prejudice meets Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, with two brilliant clandestine sorceresses up against the patriarchy!"
The Stardust Thief (2022)
(Sandsea Trilogy, book 1)
Chelsea Abdullah
"Sizzling with action and secrets, The Stardust Thief is a grand adventure with unforgettable characters, enchanting magic, and plenty of heart."

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