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Storm Constantine has been writing since childhood. In 1985 she began work on the first of her Wraeththu trilogy, The Enchantments of Flesh and Spirit, which was quickly accepted and published in 1987 by Macdonald Futura in the UK, and by TOR in the US. Since then she has published 14 more novels, and one short story collection from Stark House Press called The Oracle Lips. Her most recent work includes the Grigori trilogy, a series of novels about fallen angels, published in the US by Meisha Merlin, and the Magravandias Chronicles, an epic fantasy in Gothic style, the third volume of which, Way of Light, will be published in January 2002 by TOR. She is currently working on a new Wraeththu trilogy, to be published by TOR.

Storm Constantine lives with her husband, Jim Hibbert, and nine cats in an historic part of the English Midlands, close to ancient hunting grounds and far from the industrial dark of the black country.

Genres: Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction
Anthologies edited
   What a Long Strange Trip It's Been (2011)
   Para Kindred (2014) (with Wendy Darling)
   Night's Nieces (2015)
   Para Animalia (2016) (with Wendy Darling)
   Dark in the Day (2016) (with Paul Houghton)
   Visionary Tongue (2017)
   The Darkest Midnight in December (2017)
   Songs to Earth and Sky (2017)
   Para Spectral (2018) (with Wendy Darling)
   Para Mort (2020) (with Wendy Darling)
Non fiction
   The Inward Revolution (1998) (with Deborah Benstead)
   Bast and Sekhmet (1999) (with Eloise Coquio)
   Egyptian Birth Signs (2002)
   Pop Culture Magick (2004) (with Taylor Elwood)
   Sekhem Heka (2008)
Anthologies containing stories by Storm Constantine
Short stories
Last Came Assimilation (1990)
By the River of If Only, in the Land of Might Have Been (1991)
Immaculate (1991)
Candle Magic (1994)
Blue Flame of a Candle (1995)
Kiss Booties Night-Night (1996)
Of a Cat, But Her Skin (1996)
Return to Gehenna (1996)
Angel of the Hate Wind (1997)
The Oracle Lips [short story] (1997)
Such a Nice Girl (1997)
My Lady of the Hearth (1998)
Paragenesis [short story] (1998)
The Face of Sekt (2000)

British Fantasy Society Best Novel nominee (1995) : Stalking Tender Prey
British Fantasy Society Best Novel nominee (1996) : Scenting Hallowed Blood
British Fantasy Society Best Novel nominee (1997) : Stealing Sacred Fire
British Fantasy Society Best Novel nominee (1999) : Sea Dragon Heir
British Fantasy Society Best Novel nominee (1999) : Thin Air

Storm Constantine recommends
Banewreaker (2004)
(Sundering , book 1)
Jacqueline Carey
"A writer to watch - as the cliche goes - but more importantly a writer to read."

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