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Miranda Dickinson is a Sunday Times Bestselling novelist, author of *Fairytaleof New York*, *Welcome to My World* and *It Started with a Kiss*. She wasdiscovered on Authonomy.com by AVON (HarperCollins) and her first novelbecame an instant bestseller. Nominated for the RNA Romantic Novel of the Year award in 2010 and the Contemporary Romantic Novel RONA this year, shehas sold over 350,000 books to date. *When I Fall in Love* will be released on 8th November and an audiobook adaptation is also in production. Mirandaposts regular vlogs (video diaries) about her writing journey at www.coffeeandroses.blogspot.com

Genres: Romance
Miranda Dickinson recommends
Vivien's Heavenly Ice Cream Shop (2013)
(Heavenly Ice Cream Shop, book 1)
Abby Clements
"Warm and charming, sparkling with wit and the feel good factor."
Christmas At Carringtons (2013)
(Carrington's Department Store, book 2)
Alex Brown
"Sprinkled with magic."
Dead Romantic (2014)
Ruth Saberton
"a treat-irresistible characters and sparking wit."
Ivy Lane (2015)
(Ivy Lane)
Cathy Bramley
"A witty, laugh-out-loud romantic comedy."
A Life Without You (2016)
Katie Marsh
"Devastatingly good."
On the Other Side (2016)
Carrie Hope Fletcher
"A spellbinding story of life, love and secrets, magic sparkles from every page."
A Christmas Day at the Office (2016)
(Day at the Office, book 2)
Matt Dunn
"Another Matt Dunn classic - I loved it!"
Mistletoe on 34th Street (2016)
Lisa Dickenson
"A perfect Christmas treat."
If Ever I Fall (2017)
S D Robertson
"Exceptionally beautiful, emotionally charged and inspirational."
Everything But the Truth (2017)
Gillian McAllister
"Everything But the Truth is startlingly good."
Puzzle Girl (2017)
Rachael Featherstone
"Sparkling funny, original and brilliantly clever. I loved it!."
The Cafe in Fir Tree Park (2017)
Katey Lovell
"Warm-hearted and utterly lovely!."
The Once in a Blue Moon Guesthouse (2017)
(Once in a Blue Moon Guesthouse)
Cressida McLaughlin
"Warm and wonderful."
Dark Pines (2017)
(Tuva Moodyson Mystery, book 1)
Will Dean
"Dark Pines is the kind of thriller I’ve been waiting to read for a long time. Claustrophobic, creepy and completely compelling, it feels both classic and fresh at once. I adore Tuva – a gorgeously drawn character I want to see more adventures with. I loved it!"
A Grand Old Time (2018)
Judy Leigh
"Brilliantly funny, emotional and uplifting."
The Man I Think I Know (2018)
Mike Gayle
"The Man I Think I Know is gloriously good. Touching, uplifting, brave and funny, it's a story of life, second chances and daring to believe in better things. James and Danny's friendship is beautifully portrayed: I was rooting for them from the start and cheering them to the finish. I defy anyone not to fall in love with this book. Downright wonderful!"
The Rules of Seeing (2018)
Joe Heap
"A book that reveals the world in a different light and changes the way you see it…Extraordinary."
Sunset Over the Cherry Orchard (2018)
Jo Thomas
"Irresistibly romantic and utterly gorgeous."
New Beginnings at the Star and Sixpence (2018)
(New Beginnings at the Star and Sixpence, book 1)
Holly Hepburn
"You'll fall in love with this fantastic new series from star of women's fiction, Holly Hepburn. Filled to the brim with captivating characters and fantastic storylines in a gorgeous setting ... simply wonderful. I want to read more!"
The Secrets You Hide (2018)
Kate Helm
"Terrifying and disorienting, shocking and completely original."
Call Me Star Girl (2019)
Louise Beech
"It’s EXTRAORDINARY – tense, twisted and utterly compelling, written with such raw beauty and unflinching honesty."
Fire Queen (2019)
(Shakespeare's Queens Trilogy, book 2)
Joanna Courtney
The Vanished Bride (2019)
(Bronte Sisters Mystery, book 1)
Bella Ellis
"Compelling, clever and hugely imaginative, it brings the three Brontë sisters magnificently to life . . . Glorious fun - I adored it!"
We Met in December (2019)
Rosie Curtis
"A perfect festive hug of a book. It’s packed with brilliant characters, beautiful settings, warm humour and a love story guaranteed to steal your heart. I absolutely adored this clever, wonderful story. Get ready to meet your new favourite author!"

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