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Hallie Ephron

USA flag (b.1948)
Sister of Amy Ephron, Delia Ephron and Nora Ephron

aka G H Ephron

Hallie Elizabeth Ephron is an American novelist, book reviewer, journalist, and writing teacher. She is the author of mystery and suspense novels

Genres: Mystery
Dr Peter Zak (as by G H Ephron)
   1. Amnesia (2000)
   2. Addiction (2001)
   3. Delusion (2002)
   4. Obsessed (2003)
   5. Guilt (2005)
Hallie Ephron recommends
November Hunt (2012)
(Mira James Mystery, book 7)
Jess Lourey
"Lourey has a knack for wholesome sexual innuendo, and she gets plenty of mileage out of Minnesota. This light novel keeps the reader engaged, like one of those sweet chewy Nut Goodies that Mira is addicted to."
A Blossom of Bright Light (2015)
(Jimmy Vega Mystery, book 2)
Suzanne Chazin
"A compulsively readable police procedural that builds to the pace of a thriller with an explosive ending."
Brain Storm (2016)
(Death Investigator Angela Richman, book 1)
Elaine Viets
"A huge welcome to Angela Marie Richman, an edgy death investigator with a rapier wit and even sharper powers of observation, who makes her debut in Elaine Viets’s Brain Storm. I loved the deadpan humor from this character, a tough broad who’s survived with a vengeance and has scores to settle."
The Halo Effect (2017)
Anne D Leclaire
"I just finished The Halo Effect and loved it. It’s a master class in voice and character, and in using secrets to drive suspense."
A Ring of Truth (2017)
(Henrietta and Inspector Howard, book 2)
Michelle Cox
"Henrietta and Inspector Howard make a charming odd couple in Ring of Truth, mixing mystery and romance in a fizzy 1930s cocktail."
The Vanishing Season (2017)
(Ellery Hathaway, book 1)
Joanna Schaffhausen
"A gripping debut with a plot twist readers won’t see coming."
Last Call (2018)
(Maggie Lewis Mystery, book 1)
Paula Matter
"Last Call is 'Cheers' with bodies, set in North Florida, with Carla tending bar. Smart, funny. You’ll want to run a tab."
The Last Thing I Told You (2018)
Emily Arsenault
"A rich, finely-observed, character-driven psychological thriller that creeps up on you, surprising as it unfolds, inevitable in retrospect."
Below the Tree Line (2018)
(Pioneer Valley Mystery, book 1)
Susan Oleksiw
"A woman with healing hands and a rescued dog trap a killer in Susan Oleksiw's engaging Below the Tree Line."
A Borrowing of Bones (2018)
(Mercy Carr Mystery, book 1)
Paula Munier
"A Borrowing of Bones is a nuanced nail-biter with a compelling quartet of crime fighters: two extraordinary rescue and rescued dogs and their human handlers."
The Wrong Boy (2018)
Cathy Ace
"Family secrets stalk three generations of women in Cathy Ace’s suspense-packed page turner, THE WRONG BOY. The ending is a stunner."
The Widows (2019)
(Kinship, book 1)
Jess Montgomery
"The Widows is a gripping, beautifully written novel about two women avenging the murder of the man they both loved."
Word to the Wise (2019)
(Library Lover's Mystery, book 10)
Jenn McKinlay
"I loved Word to the Wise. It's sweet and tart, irresistibly engaging and cleverly entertaining."
One Night Gone (2019)
Tara Laskowski
"With evocative prose, One Night Gone feels like a journey through a sinister hall of mirrors, bringing to life the off-season menace of a beachfront refuge for the wealthy, still haunted by the disappearance of a teenaged girl thirty years ago."
The Lucky One (2020)
Lori Rader-Day
"I was riveted from page one by this complex, psychologically astute tale of betrayal and hope with twists that keep coming up until the final breathtaking reveal."
In League with Sherlock Holmes (2020)
Laurie R King and Leslie S Klinger
"Great fun for anyone who loves crime fiction. The collection is diverting, delightful, and best taken with a cup of hot tea."
The Other Family (2022)
Wendy Corsi Staub
"Wendy Corsi Staub triumphs in The Butcher's Daughter giving readers an enthralling, thrilling, and above all satisfying finale to a superb trilogy."

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