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Jamie Ford is the great grandson of Nevada mining pioneer Min Chung, who emigrated from China to San Francisco in 1865, where he adopted the western name 'Ford', thus confusing countless generations. Ford's debut novel, Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet is a New York Times bestseller, and has been awarded the 2010 Asian/Pacific American Award for Literature. It has been translated into twenty-nine languages. Having grown up near Seattle's Chinatown, Ford now lives in Montana with his wife and children.

Genres: Historical, Mystery
Jamie Ford recommends
Hester (2010)
Paula Reed
"A heartrending journey through love and sin, guilt and loss. A thoroughly captivating tale."
Up from the Blue (2010)
Susan Henderson
"Beautiful and maddening, hopeful and condemning, simple, yet like a knot that takes a lifetime to untangle... A heartbreaking, rewarding story that still haunts me."
Learning to Swim (2011)
(Troy Chance, book 1)
Sara J Henry
"A mesmerizing confluence of intrigue and suspense."
The World As We Know It (2011)
Joseph Monninger
"A tender, gentle, achingly beautiful tale that is impossible to put down."
Love Water Memory (2013)
Jennie Shortridge
"A beautiful novel about vwhat the mind forgets and what the heart remembers. A captivating read from start to finish."
Crossing the Street (2017)
Molly D Campbell
"Hilarious and full of heartwarming, familial honesty, Molly's latest was a joy to read."
Unbound (2017)
John Shors
"Unbound is utterly captivating."
My Name Is Venus Black (2018)
Heather Lloyd
"A terrific debut, told gently, honestly, and with a generous amount of hope."
Silent Hearts (2018)
Gwen Florio
"A rich, haunting, immersive story of cultures at the crossroads—deeply moving. A heart-smashingly good read, the kind of novel you’ll want to share with your book club."
The Secret of Clouds (2019)
Alyson Richman
"A tender, captivating, and ultimately satisfying story about the emotional gifts exchanged between a caring teacher and a student in need. Thank you, Alyson Richman, for another heartrending tale."
The Scent Keeper (2019)
Erica Bauermeister
"Lyrical...Transformative...Richly rewards all your senses. I was mesmerized."
Hollow Kingdom (2019)
Kira Jane Buxton
"I love this book so much! I wanted to set it on fire while hugging it. I wanted to hasten the apocalypse just to see how my own pets fare in a more humane world without humans. Kira Jane Buxton's voice is fresh, like a newly dug grave, but so joyful and honest you'll laugh out loud, and then check to make sure you haven't lost an eyeball. Hollow Kingdom is a wildly original debut and a paean to my favorite city."
The Blaze (2020)
Chad Dundas
"An authentic look at memories, how they affect us, and how their absence leaves holes in our lives that can’t be filled with anything but the truth. A fantastic mystery that had me in its grip from the first page."

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