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Kimberley Howe is the Executive Director of ThrillerFest. Thrillerfest is a conference of International Thriller Writers held every July in New York City. She is also a former medical, health, and fitness writer, as well as, a world traveler, cyclist, swimmer and tennis player.

Genres: Thriller
Barry Awards Best Thriller nominee (2018) : The Freedom Broker

K J Howe recommends
I'll Eat When I'm Dead (2017)
Barbara Bourland
"A compulsively readable, satirical romp with a sharp and vicious twist, I'll Eat When I'm Dead is a timely, smart, and perceptive mystery."
A-List (2017)
(Jake Longly, book 2)
D P Lyle
"Aptly named, A-List ranks high on the 'must buy' list for holiday shoppers. Reluctant PI Jake Longly investigates the darker side of the movie business, where professional jealousies and hedonistic habits have deadly consequences. Fast-faced and funny, the seamless prose will transport you from reality to fantasy. Lyle evokes the sights and sounds of New Orleans in such a provocative manner, you'll be packing your bags and catching the next flight to The Big Easy for your own adventure."
The Second Son (2018)
Martin Jay Weiss
"The Second Son's cutting-edge thrill ride through Silicon Valley spawns from a spiderweb of dark family secrets. Weiss’ story is strikingly original, artfully mixing classic mystery themes with modern technology. A must-read for thriller fans."
Red Hotel (2018)
(Red Hotel, book 1)
Ed Fuller and Gary Grossman
"Grossman and Fuller deliver gritty insider detail in their thriller RED Hotel, bringing fact and fiction together in an explosive mix. With pacing that would leave Olympian Usain Bolt breathless, RED Hotel is a must-read for interna-tional travelers and anyone seeking to understand the new Russia."
The Line Between (2019)
(Line Between , book 1)
Tosca Lee
"Shades of The Handmaid's Tale and The Walking Dead blend together in an epic novel of depth and power. Tosca Lee's The Line Between is a breathtaking story of a woman who rises above her own dark past to stop civilization from descending into madness. Brilliant."
Dawn of the Assassin (2019)
(David Diegert, book 1)
Bill Brewer
Shades of Justice (2019)
(Madison Knight, book 9)
Carolyn Arnold
"Tremendous! The perfect combination of mystery and suspense."
True Believer (2019)
(James Reece, book 2)
Jack Carr
"Carr dominates the world of international intrigue with exotic settings, blitzkrieg action, and tactical authenticity. Quintessential hero James Reece is exactly what's needed in today's chaotic political milieu. Brace yourself for this unforgettable bull ride. Carr's blistering novel will make you a TRUE BELIEVER."
Mother Knows Best (2019)
Kira Peikoff
"Peikoff's seamless prose, very human voice, and a whiplash pacing make this psychological thriller a must-read of 2019."
The Network (2019)
(Jack Logan, book 1)
L C Shaw
"Shaw's blistering pacing, compelling drama, and tight prose mesh together to create an unputdownable read. Journalist Jack Logan rips down the curtain masking one of mankind's oldest secrets in an all-out battle for the human soul. Tune into THE NETWORK for the gritty news of today--and yesterday. Breathtaking."
The Occurrence (2020)
Robert Desiderio
"A rare gem. Desiderio takes readers on an unforgettable journey where the past and present collide at the very heart of human existence. Flawed, compelling characters and a brilliantly fresh premise make The Occurrence a book that will stay with you long after the final page. Sharp, sage, sensational."
Within Plain Sight (2020)
(John Byron, book 4)
Bruce Robert Coffin
"Flawless prose, witty dialogue, startling twists. In Within Plain Sight, a cross-country hunt for a killer spirals dangerously out of control. Akin to what Michael Connelly does for L.A., Coffin fully immerses us in a gritty, realistic Portland, Maine. Authenticity seeps from every page, from the police work to the resonating emotions. Unforgettable."
Without Sanction (2020)
(Matt Drake , book 1)
Don Bentley
"Bentley plumbs the deepest recesses of Syria and the White House, leaving readers unsettled, wondering which arena is in fact more dangerous. Politics and foreign policy collide in a tempest of backstabbing and intrigue. Realistic, gritty, and hard-hitting—Without Sanction is an incendiary debut."
Broken Genius (2020)
(Will Parker, book 1)
Drew Murray
"Fast, fun, factual. Murray’s pacing propels the reader through Broken Genius at warp speed. His insider knowledge of Silicon Valley provides a compelling verisimilitude—you know you’re in the hands of a master. Add in Comic Con as a backdrop and a parry or two of sword play and you have a strikingly unique page-turner. Also, you’ll never look at unicorns the same way."
The Finders (2020)
(Mace Reid K9 Mystery, book 1)
Jeffrey B Burton
"Cadaver dogs, serial killers, and a brilliantly depicted Chicago setting--I was hooked on The Finders before finishing the first paragraph. Burton's novel is steeped in authenticity, entertainment and education at the forefront of this twisty thriller. But be forewarned that your heart will be forever stolen by Vira and Sue, the canine characters who propel the story forward with their unique talents. Unforgettable!"
Undercard (2020)
David Albertyn
"An absolute knockout! Albertyn’s unforgettable voice transports readers to the underbelly of the Las Vegas boxing world, the dramatic ending a sucker punch that will leave you breathless. In Undercard, the emotional resonance, well-drawn characters, and seamless prose will keep you reading until well after the final bell. Best debut of the year."
Cover Your Tracks (2020)
Daco S Auffenorde
"Emotionally resonant, provocative, timely--this unique thriller will linger in your thoughts long after the final page. Auffenorde brilliantly captures the extreme lengths a mother will go to for her child. In COVER YOUR TRACKS, you'll be snow-blinded in the deep wilderness where the one person who can get you out is also your enemy. Sensational."
Water Memory (2021)
(Sentro, book 1)
Daniel Pyne
"Mother knows best, even when her memory is short-circuiting. Water Memory has everything you want in a modern-day thriller: pirates, propulsive action, and an unforgettable female lead. Pyne’s prose is elegant, evocative, extraordinary. Best book I’ve read in ages. Addictive."

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