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Catherine Lacey is the author of Nobody Is Ever Missing, a critically acclaimed novel published in 2014 in the United States. Her short fiction and essays have been published widely. She was named a Granta New Voice in 2014 and awarded an Artist's Fellowship from NYFA in 2012.

Genres: Literary Fiction
Non fiction
Catherine Lacey recommends
Sonora (2017)
Hannah Lillith Assadi
"Sonora is the most eerie and unusual coming of age story I've ever encountered-not a tale of innocence lost, but innocence never had."
The New Me (2019)
Halle Butler
"Halle Butler is a first-rate satirist of the horror show being sold to us as Modern Femininity. She is Thomas Bernhard in a bad mood, wearing ill-fitting tights, scrutinizing old take-out leftovers. THE NEW ME shows us the futility of betterment in an increasingly paranoid era of self-improvement, one in which the female body is grated into little bloody empowered bits of itself. A dark comedy of female rage. Fucking hilarious."
Bubblegum (2020)
Adam Levin
"With Bubblegum, Adam Levin has created a cubist painting about consumerism, fetishization, and the increasingly blurred line between life and advertisement in a hyper-materialist, post-IRL society. Levin masterfully creates a world without the internet to examine the impact and insanity it has sewn into the American project, and he does so while gleefully skewering our unraveling vernacular. A freaky marvel of a tome."
A Girl's Story (2020)
Annie Ernaux
"Annie Ernaux writes memoir with such generosity and vulnerable power that I find it difficult to separate my own memories from hers long after I’ve finished reading. In A Girl’s Story she detangles an adolescence rife with desire and shame, an era of both internal and external debasement. Ernaux wisely ventures into the gray areas of her memories; she doesn’t attempt to transcend their power, nor to even 'understand' them, but to press them firmly into this diamond of a book."
22 Minutes of Unconditional Love (2020)
Daphne Merkin
"Daphne Merkin has written a novel as vexing and bright as a Rubik's Cube. 22 Minutes of Unconditional Love is an anti-romance about a woman's profane and humiliating desire to be defined by love."
True Love (2020)
Sarah Gerard
"An unapologetic drama about a woman's insistence on living at the apex of desire and self-destruction—what a rush!"
Fake Accounts (2021)
Lauren Oyler
"Fake Accounts is an absorbing and shameless examination of the way self-mythologies are forged and performed in the public privacy of the internet. Fans of Lauren Oyler's divisive, ferocious criticism will love this 21st century comedy of bad manners."
Acts of Desperation (2021)
Megan Nolan
"Megan Nolan writes with piercing vulnerability and precision. Her debut novel, Acts of Desperation is a blistering anti-romance about the seductive destruction of trying to find self-worth in the gaze of another."
Justine (2021)
Forsyth Harmon
"Nervy, exacting illustrations and effortless prose . . . with the clarity and mystery of a black opal."
A Lonely Man (2021)
Chris Power
"A thrilling, unnerving novel following an international conspiracy and domestic solitude-A Lonely Man is one of those rare books that’s as entertaining as it is perceptive, a page-turner with exacting syntax and emotional heft."
The Atmospherians (2021)
Alex McElroy
"The Atmospherians is a thrilling satire about wrecked reputations and flawed stabs at redemption, but it's also earnest examination of the fragile place between community and mob; most disturbingly, Alex McElroy draws an accurate portrait of this agitated era."

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