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Bracken MacLeod has worked as a martial arts teacher, a university philosophy instructor, for a children's non-profit, and as a trial attorney. His short fiction has appeared in various magazines and anthologies including Shotgun Honey, Sex and Murder Magazine, Femme Fatale: Erotic Tales of Dangerous Women, Ominous Realities, Eulogies III, Wicked Tales, Beat to a Pulp, Protectors 2: Heroes, ThugLit, LampLight, Splatterpunk, and Shock Totem Magazine.

Genres: Mystery, Horror
Anthologies edited
   Blight Digest (2014) (with Jan Kozlowski and Ron Earl Phillips)
   Eulogies III (2015) (with Christopher Jones, Nanci Kalanta and Tony Tremblay)
   Wicked Tales (2015) (with Scott T Goudsward, Scott T. Goudsward, Daniel G Keohane and David Price)
Bram Stoker Best Novel nominee (2016) : Stranded

Bracken MacLeod recommends
Kill-Off (2014)
John F D Taff
"John F.D. Taff took this reluctant hitman story in a direction I was not at all expecting. This is a believable everyman who happens to be pretty okay at killing people and has a sufficient motivation to do it. Taff blazes a fresh and innovative trail along familiar thriller territory to craft this nail-biter."
Haven (2016)
Tom Deady
"HAVEN hits a note perfect tone of retro-cool horror evoking an early 80s sensibility without reading at all like an imitation. Like Stranger Things--though written before it aired--HAVEN conjures the aesthetic of the time both in content and style in a way that is spot on while being a modern story with an original voice. And while comparisons to Stephen King's early work are apt, where others often try to copy King and fall flat, Deady knows when to play classic notes and when to take the song in his own direction. If you're a fan of Stranger Things, like me, this book hits at exactly the right moment."
Heaven's Crooked Finger (2017)
(Earl Marcus Mystery, book 1)
Hank Early
"With Heaven’s Crooked Finger, Hank Early has not only written one of the very best novels I’ve read this year, but also introduced me to my favorite new mystery detective, Earl Marcus. This book is an expert mixture of action, suspense, and compelling characterization that easily establishes Early as a literary force of nature. From the first page, the tension of the Marcus family’s impact on their small town, and the threat that poses to Earl, builds like a charge in the atmosphere, present and deadly threatening, leading to an ending that is electric. Heaven’s Crooked Finger is going to be on a lot of Best of 2017 lists."
One of Us (2018)
Craig DiLouie
"Without a doubt one of the best books I'll read this year . . . a compelling work of near perfection."
Little Comfort (2018)
(Hester Thursby Mystery, book 1)
Edwin Hill
"Little Comfort isn’t just the arrival of a fantastic new book, but also marks the emergence of a spectacular writer to watch. This story had me hooked from the first chapter, and my nails bitten to the nub before I was halfway through. Watch out! Little Comfort delivers just what the title promises."
The Chrysalis (2018)
Brendan Deneen
"Deneen wonderfully concentrates the anxiety and emotional strain of trying to live up to the responsibility that comes with a growing family. The problem here is, part of that family is growing behind the spare fridge in the cellar. Deneen hatches all the darkest fears of having 'one on the way."
The Wind In My Heart (2021)
Douglas Wynne
"The Wind in my Heart hits all the notes I want in a thriller while remaining fresh and full of ingenuity."

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