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aka Elizabeth Underwood

Lyn McConchie lives somewhere in the lower half of the North Island of New Zealand. After being a model, waitress, researcher, and government department administrator, the comparative solitude of the country has given her the opportunity to develop her writing interests. She has sold short stories and novels to publishers in Canada, the United States, Australia, Britain and New Zealand. She has won several awards, including New Zealand's Sir Julius Vogel award for Best Science Fiction/Fantasy Novel of 2002.

Genres: Fantasy, Science Fiction

   South of Rio Chama (2009)
   Queen of Iron Years (2012) (with Sharman Horwood)
   Flying Free (2013)
   Another Fire (2021)
   Tales from the Marrigan Trade House (1999)
   Katalagein (2013)
   Lost In The Museum (2014) (with Jenny Hammond, John Homes, Tim Jones, Tracie McBride, Glynne MacLean, Phillip Mann, Eileen Mueller, Jeena Murphy and AJ Ponder)
   Sherlock Holmes: Familiar Crimes (2017)
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Anthology series
Non fiction
   Farming Daze (2003) (as by Elizabeth Underwood)
   Daze on the Land (2003) (as by Elizabeth Underwood)
   Tiger Daze (2007) (as by Elizabeth Underwood)
   Daze in the Country (2008) (as by Elizabeth Underwood)
Anthologies containing stories by Lyn McConchie
Short stories
Swan Song (1996)
Lullaby (1999)
Other Agendas (1999)

Lyn McConchie recommends
Serpent's Quest (2008)
(Lycan Blood, book 1)
Janrae Frank
"Janrae Frank's books are always something I grab the moment I have the chance. They are wonderful reads, well written, dense and richly evocative. She makes the reader see the worlds and characters which she has created and want always to see more of them as well. Her work is brilliant, hard-hitting, and the sort of thing I for one tend to be reading still at 2am since I can't put it down until I know how things are going to turn out."

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