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David Nees

After receiving a Bachelor’s in Psychology and a Masters of Education,  David Nees began began his working career as a teacher…until he was seduced by motorcycles. He threw himself into racing and left teaching to open a motorcycle dealership, thereby starting a dual career as motorcycle dealer and racer. After achieving some level of racing success, he realized his future did not lie on the track (not really built for the sport, being six feet, four inches tall). The motorcycle business expanded into the fitness business, and he went on to build a twenty-seven store regional chain.

Since leaving the business world, he has begun writing full-time. David lives in Virginia with his wife and kids. A six year old keeps the house jumping. When not writing, he can be found racing his A Class catamaran sailboat on the Chesapeake Bay.

A two-part sequel to "Jason’s Tale" is completed, "After the Fall: Catherine's Tale, Parts 1 & 2". Additionally David has completed a new novel in the Thriller genre titled "Payback" that will be published in August, 2017. Excerpts from "After the Fall" have been published in "A Thousand and One Stories", "Opening Line Literary ‘Zine" and "Dead Guns Press". “The Last of the Pilot Hounds”, a short story was also published by "A Thousand and One Stories".


Genres: Thriller, Science Fiction