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Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch

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aka Q

Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch - who published much of his fiction under the pseudonym 'Q' - was born in Cornwall in 1863, and the county, its history, and its people were to have a marked influence on his life and writing. After moving to London to pursue a writing career, the author returned to his native county in 1892, and maintained a permanent residence there until his death in 1944.

He established a reputation as a literary critic and editor, and was also a successful novelist: his final, unfinished novel, Castle Dor, was completed by another writer with strong Cornish connections, Daphne du Maurier. Yet Quiller-Couch was also interested in the unseen and unknown, and this prompted him to turn his hand, time and again, to supernatural stories, which are scattered amongst his collections of short stories.
   The Astonishing History Of Troy Town (1888) (as by Q)
   St. Ives (1898) (with Robert Louis Stevenson)
   The Ship of Stars (1899)
   The Westcotes (1902)
   Shining Ferry (1905)
   True Tilda (1909)
   Lady Good-for-Nothing (1910)
   Brother Copas (1911)
   Poison Island (1912)
   Foe-Farrell (1918)
   The Roll Call of Honor (1927)
   From a Cornish Window (1928)
   The Mayor of Troy (1928)
   The Splendid Spur (1937)
   Castle Dor (1940) (with Daphne du Maurier)
   Beauty and the Beast (1999)
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   Noughts and Crosses (1891)
   I Saw Three Ships (1892) (as by Q)
   The Delectable Duchy (1893)
   Green Bays (1893) (as by Q)
   Wandering Heath (1895) (as by Q)
   Old Fires and Portable Ghosts (1900)
   The Laird's Luck (1901)
   The White Wolf and Other Fireside Tales (1902)
   Two Sides of the Face (1903)
   Merry Garden (1907)
   The Sleeping Beauty (1910)
   In Powder and Crinoline (1913)
   Twelve Dancing Princesses (1913)
   The Westcotes, Ia and Tom Tiddler's Ground (1928)
   Poems (poems) (1929)
   Q's Mystery Stories (1937)
   Q's Shorter Stories (1944)
   Old Fires and Profitable Ghosts (1973)
   The Horror on the Stair (2000)
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Anthologies edited
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Non fiction
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Anthologies containing stories by Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch
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Short stories
The Bridals of Ysselmonde
The Conspiracy Aboard the 'Midas'
Cuckoo Valley Railway
The Czarina's Violet
The Drawn Blind
The Gifts of Feodor Himkoff
The Magic Shadow
The Mayor of Gantick
Monsieur Benest
The Mourner's Horse
Old Aeson
Our Lady of Gwithian
The Paupers
Pipes in Arcady
School Friends
The Spinster's Maying
St. Piran and the Visitation
These-an'-That's Wife
Three Photographs
A Town's Memory
The Two Householders
When the Sap Rose
Beside the Beehives (1891)
Psyche (1891)
The Small People (1891)
My Grandfather, Hendry Watty (1895)
The Roll-Call of the Reef (1895)
Widdershins (1895)
The Mystery of Joseph Laquedem (1900)
The Seventh Man (1900)
A Pair of Hands (1910)

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