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Janni Lee Simner

Janni Lee Simner lives in the Arizona desert. Her first novel for young adults, Bones of Faerie, is due out in January 2009. She has published four books for younger readers, most recently Secret of the Three Treasures, as well as more than 30 short stories. She also post a monthly story on her web site.

Genres: Young Adult Fantasy
Bones of Faerie Trilogy
1. Bones of Faerie (2008)
2. Faerie Winter (2011)
3. Faerie After (2013)
Anthologies containing stories by Janni Lee Simner
Short stories
Out of Sight (1993)
Free Will, Baby (1994)
Bra Melting (1995)
Illusions (1995)
Why Is This Night Different (1996)
Beyond the Flames (1997)
Raising Jenny (1999)