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Brad Linaweaver

(Bradford Swain Linaweaver)
USA flag (b.1952)

Brad Linaweaver is the author of the award-winning novel MOON OF ICE, which has appeared in both hardback andpaperback in America and has been published in England as well (the novella version is available in THE BEST ALTERNATE HISTORY STORIES OF THE 20TH CENTURY). He is also the author of THE LAND BEYOND SUMMER. He has sold about eighty short stories (half of which have been collected in CLOWNFACE). Some of these story sales havebeen to the magazines AMAZING, FANTASTIC, GALAXY and ARGOSY and some to the anthologies CONFEDERACY OF THE DEAD, THE ULTIMATE WEREWOLF, ELRIC--TALES OF THE WHITE WOLF, TALES FROM THE GREAT TURTLE, EXCALIBUR, Peter Straub's GHOSTS,DARK DESTINY, MISKATONIC UNIVERSITY, SUPERHEROES, PSYCHO-PATHS, ALTERNATE WARRIORS, WHEN THE BLACK LOTUS BLOOMS, WHAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN: ALTERNATE AMERICAS, ADVENTURES IN THE TWILIGHT ZONE, and GRAILS: VISITATIONS OF THE NIGHT.

Genres: Science Fiction
Doom (with Dafydd ab Hugh)
   1. Knee-Deep in the Dead (1995)
   2. Hell on Earth (1995)
   3. Infernal Sky (1996)
   4. Endgame (1996)
   Moon of Ice (1988)
   Centauri Express The Competitor (1989)
   Sliders (1996)
   Volk (1997) (with Piers Anthony)
   Sliders: The Classic Episodes (1998)
   The Land Beyond Summer (1999)
   Anarquia (2004)
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   Clownface (1999)
Anthologies edited
   Free Space (1997) (with Edward E Kramer)
Series contributed to
Battlestar Galactica 2
   5. Paradis (2003) (with Richard Hatch)
   6. Destiny (2004) (with Richard Hatch)
   7. Redemption (2005) (with Richard Hatch)
   8. Discovery (2005) (with Richard Hatch)
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Anthologies containing stories by Brad Linaweaver
Short stories
No Market for Justice (1977)
Moon of Ice [short story] (1982)Nebula Awards (nominee)
Red Clay, Crimson Clay (1993)
Unmerited Favor (1993)
Poisoned Dreams (1994)
Press Conference (1994)
Blind Sceptre (1995)
The Darkest Doctrine (1995)
The Light That Blinds (1995) (with Victor Koman)
My Wiccan, Wiccan Ways (1995)
The Other Scabbard (1995)
A Real Babe (1995)
The Last Short Story Writer at the End of Time (1996)
Scavenger Hunt (1996)
Vamway (1996)

Nebula Awards Best Novella nominee (1983) : Moon of Ice [short story]
Prometheus Award Best Novel winner (1989) : Moon of Ice
Prometheus Award Best Novel nominee (1997) : Sliders: The Novel
Prometheus Award Best Novel nominee (2005) : Anarquia

Brad Linaweaver recommends
Black Chamber (2018)
(Alternate World War, book 1)
S M Stirling
"Too many Alternate History stories have become sadly routine. Riding to the rescue is S. M. Stirling's Black Chamber. This novel provides a desperately needed infusion of courage and originality. How appropriate that Penguin, publisher of the James Bond novels, launches a hard edged new spy series with Stirling. How appropriate that Ace, famous for classic science fiction, is onboard for the adventure. Beware the Breath of Loki."
Escape from Heaven (2001)
J Neil Schulman
"J. Neil Schulman's Escape from Heaven is so heretical it threatens a new orthodoxy and so comic that it is one of the most serious novels you will ever read."

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