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aka M A Carrick

MARIE BRENNAN habitually pillages her background in anthropology, archaeology, and folklore for fictional purposes. She is the author of the Onyx Court series, the Doppelganger duology of Warrior and Witch, and the urban fantasy Lies and Prophecy,as well as more than thirty short stories. The first book in the Lady Trent Memoirs series, A Natural History of Dragons, was nominated for a World Fantasy Award for Best Novel.

Genres: Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Young Adult Fantasy, Science Fiction

   Monstrous Beauty (2014)
   Dice Tales (2017)
   Maps to Nowhere (2017)
   Ars Historica (2017)
   Bubble Off Plumb (2018) (with Pepper Hume, Dan Kalin, E E King, Sarah M Lewis, Karen Over, Liz Schriftsteller, Mariah Southworth, David Tallerman and Art Weil)
   Never After (2019)
   The Nine Lands (2019)
   Down a Street That Wasn't There (2020)
Marie Brennan recommends
The Queen's Bastard (2008)
(Inheritors' Cycle, book 1)
C E Murphy
"C. E. Murphy vividly reimagines Renaissance Europe as a world both familiar and strange. Filled with intrigue and betrayal, her story is a chess game with six of seven sides, and I look forward to seeing what the next moves are."
The Dragons of Heaven (2015)
(Missy Masters, book 1)
Alyc Helms
"A hell of a lot of fun."
Lady of Magick (2015)
(Noctis Magicae, book 2)
Sylvia Izzo Hunter
"The history of her world is not the usual stuff."
A Daughter of No Nation (2015)
(Stormwrack, book 2)
A M Dellamonica
"Dellamonica's tale in one of intrigue and power struggles, jealousy and competition, culture shock and the alienation of discovering you family is not what you thought."
The Absconded Ambassador (2016)
(Genrenauts, book 2)
Michael R Underwood
"Catnip for genre geeks."
The Summer Dragon (2016)
(Evertide, book 1)
Todd Lockwood
"Todd Lockwood’s dragons come to life on the page: more than animals, different from humans, and beautifully plausible without losing their fantastic touch. The Summer Dragon offers a welcome new take on the dragon-riding genre."
Weave a Circle Round (2017)
Kari Maaren
"Reminiscent of Diana Wynne Jones, what starts out as the simple tale of some wacky neighbors soon takes a far more epic turn, as Maaren leads you deep into the heart of her own fascinating mythology. Maaren understands the power of stories and the danger of them, too."
The Priory of the Orange Tree (2019)
(Roots of Chaos, book 1)
Samantha Shannon
"An astonishing achievement. The roots of Shannon's world lie in real history, but its branches stretch far into the imagination. Many authors can paint different names onto familiar concepts; Shannon goes further, building new religions and histories and conflicts, with all the rich detail necessary to bring them to life."
A Declaration of the Rights of Magicians (2020)
(Shadow Histories, book 1)
H G Parry
"It's no simple task to wrangle fifteen years of tumult in a few hundred pages, but Parry manages it with a deft hand. Her alternate history puts a human face on the titans of the past, while weaving in supernatural elements that add a whole new dimension. I stayed up well past my bedtime to find out what happens next."
A Golden Fury (2020)
Samantha Cohoe
"Alchemists used many methods to hide their secrets, but Cohoe has deciphered their riddles -- and uncovered a truth far darker and more complex than a miraculous rock. She lures you in with a promise of gold, then delivers something far more valuable: an intricate tale of ambition and sacrifice, loyalty and betrayal, the quest for knowledge and the wisdom to use it correctly."
Witherward (2021)
Hannah Mathewson
"Street-smart and wounded, Ilsa is a protagonist to cheer on as she navigates two Victorian Londons, both familiar and strange."
The Tangleroot Palace (2021)
Marjorie M Liu
"Some authors excel at one thing; others can do it all. Whether it's fairy tales or superheroes or the post-apocalypse, Liu always delivers, and with her own unique spin."
The Monsters We Defy (2022)
Leslye Penelope
"Stolen destinies, dubious bargains, and unlikely groups of allies, all in a city whose history deserves more fame; a fresh and engaging take on historical fantasy."

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