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Adrian Cole

(Christopher Synnot)
UK flag (b.1949)

Adrian Cole was born in Plymouth, Devonshire in 1949. He is currently the Director of College Resources in a large secondary school in Bideford, where he now lives with his wife, Judy, son Sam, and daughter Katia. He remains best known for his Dream Lords trilogy as well las his young adult novels, Moorstones and The Sleep of Giants.

Genres: Science Fiction, Fantasy
New Books
September 2022

Arminius, Bane of Eagles
(War on Rome, book 1)
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   Young Thongor (2012) (with Lin Carter and Robert M Price)
   Weirdbook 31 (2015) (with Gary A Braunbeck)
   Tough Guys (2016)
   Weirdbook 33 (2016) (with Will Blinn, Garrett Cook, John R Fultz, Scott R Jones, Bruno Lombardi, Jessica Amanda Salmonson and Franklyn Searight)
   Elak, King of Atlantis (2020) (with Bob McLain)
   Swords & Sorceries: Tales of Heroic Fantasy Volume 2 (2021) (with Dev Agarwal, Mike Chinn, Andrew Darlington, Steve Dilks, Phil Emery, Pedro Iniguez, Susan Murrie Macdonald, Martin Owton and Tais Teng)
   Swords & Sorceries: Tales of Heroic Fantasy Volume 3 (2021) (with Mike Chinn, Rab Foster, Chadwick Ginther, Jon Hansen, Craig Herbertson, Darin Hlavaz, Lorenzo D Lopez, Carson Ray and Tais Teng)
   Swords & Sorceries (2022) (with Dev Agarwal, Edward Ahern, Paul D Batteiger, Andrew Darlington, David Dubrow, Phil Emery, Geoff Hart, H R Laurence, Wendy Nikel and Frank Sawielijew)
   Swords & Sorceries: Tales of Heroic Fantasy Volume 5 (2022) (with Dev Agarwal, Gustavo Bondoni, David Dubrow, Darin Hlavaz, Lorenzo Lopez, Susan Macdonald, Earl W Parrish, David B Riley and Tais Teng)
Series contributed to
Anthologies containing stories by Adrian Cole
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Short stories
The Horror Under Penmire (1974)
The Moon Web (1978)
Astral Stray (1979)
Midnight Hag (1980)
Face to Face (1990)
The Vulgariad (1990)
Only Human (1991)
Revenge of the Heavy Metal Vampires (1991)
The Crossing (1994)
The Frankenstein Legacy (1994)

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