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Beth Cato hails from Hanford, California, but currently writes and bakes cookies in a lair outside of Phoenix, Arizona. She is the author of The Clockwork Dagger and The Clockwork Crown. She shares the household with a hockey-loving husband, a numbers-obsessed son, and a cat the size of a canned ham.

Genres: Fantasy
   Spark (2014) (with Crystal Bevers, Jeff Bowles, Siarhey Bulyha, Moneta Goldsmith, Lauren Harsma, Alexis A Hunter, Ae Hee Lee and JH Mae)
   Red Dust and Dancing Horses and Other Stories (2017)
   Giftmas 2018 Advent Anthology (2018) (with Laura VanArendonk Baugh, E C Bell, Tiffany Michelle Brown, Stephanie A Cain, Kevin Cockle, Julie E Czerneda, Amanda C Davis, Lizz Donnelly, Pamela Fernandes, Chadwick Ginther, Kurt Kirchmeier, Premee Mohamed, Rhonda Parrish, Randi Perrin, Cat Rambo, JB Riley, Jennifer Lee Rossman, Alexandra Seidel, Michael B Tager, Steve Toase, J S Watts, Cassandra Weir, Amanda Wells and S G Wong)
Nebula Awards Best Novella nominee (2016) : Wings of Sorrow and Bone

Beth Cato recommends
United States of Japan (2016)
(United States of Japan, book 1)
Peter Tieryas
"It’s a tense and intriguing read, a blend of alt history and cyberpunk and thriller. 1988 California where San Diego is a razed landscape home to American rebels, and Japanese mechas patrol the coast? Heck yes!"
A Red Peace (2017)
(Starfire , book 1)
Spencer Ellsworth
"This is space opera candy!."
Skyfarer (2017)
(Drifting Lands, book 1)
Joseph Brassey
"This book has one of the best covers I've seen all year, and it's incredibly accurate in its depiction of the characters and mood of the story. Do judge the book by its cover!"
A Plague of Giants (2017)
(Seven Kennings, book 1)
Kevin Hearne
"You’ll laugh and cry and crave mustard as you’re immersed in the literal magic of storytelling in Kevin Hearne’s vivid new epic fantasy. I have experienced acute withdrawal symptoms since the book ended. I don’t want to leave this world."
Markswoman (2018)
(Asiana, book 1)
Rati Mehrotra
"Markswoman is a breathlessly-paced post-apocalyptic fantasy with a highly original setting and characters you can’t help but love (and hate)."
Starlings (2018)
Jo Walton
"Walton's diverse collection of stories and poems sparkles with originality and fun. The joy of this book will linger with me for a while."
Fire and Bone (2018)
(Otherborn , book 1)
Rachel A Marks
"Marks mashes together Irish mythology and Southern California in the brilliant start to her new series. Fire and Bone hooked me from page one, and the last page left me desperate for more."
Free Chocolate (2018)
(Chocoverse, book 1)
Amber Royer
"Free Chocolate is quirky, fun, and loaded with sci-fi chocolaty goodness! This book is a calorie-free treat."
Daughters of Forgotten Light (2018)
Sean Grigsby
"Grab your energy boomerang and get ready for a wild ride! Grigsby's latest book is a full-throttle nightmarish sci-fi Mad Max: Fury Road. It's violent, intense, and packed with passion as exiled women fight for their very right to exist."
A Queen in Hiding (2020)
(Nine Realms, book 1)
Sarah Kozloff
"A breathtaking start to a new fantasy series that abounds in magic, backstabbing, and war. This is your new epic fantasy fix, right here."
The King of Next Week (2020)
E C Ambrose
"his is historical fiction at its best, intricately researched and honest with vivid characters – and the perfect touch of magic. This is a book to savor to the last word."
Divine Heretic (2020)
Jaime Lee Moyer
"Divine Heretic rewrites Joan of Arc's life with heart and humanity, creating surprising new twists in the tale we all think we know."
The Vanished Queen (2020)
Lisbeth Campbell
"I could not put the book down ... this is one of the best fantasy books out this year."
Innate Magic (2021)
(Marrowbone Spells, book 1)
Shannon Fay
"Innate Magic romps about a magic-infused mid-twentieth century London with a plot packed with both charm and grit. What a fun kickoff to a new series!"
Crazy in Poughkeepsie (2022)
Daniel Pinkwater
"Crazy in Poughkeepsie is a ludicrous romp reminiscent of the Muppets! Weirdness is positive, wonderful, and everywhere in Pinkwater's writing. This is a book that will make you laugh, grin, and maybe look for more whimsy in your own world."

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