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Gardner F Fox

(Gardner Francis Fox)
USA flag (1911 - 1986)

aka Glen Chase external link, Troy Conway external link, Jefferson Cooper, Paul Dean, Ray Gardner, Rod Gray external link, James Kendricks, Simon Majors, Kevin Matthews, Bart Somers

Gardner Francis Cooper Fox was an American writer best known for creating numerous comic book characters for DC Comics. Comic-book historians estimate that he wrote over 4,000 comics stories.

Genres: Historical Romance
   The Borgia Blade (1953)
   Madame Buccaneer (1954)
   Arrow in the Hill (1955) (as by Jefferson Cooper)
   Barbary Slave (1955) (as by Kevin Matthews)
   Rebel Wench (1955)
   The Swordsman (1957) (as by Jefferson Cooper)
   The Questing Sword (1958) (as by Jefferson Cooper)
   Captain Seadog (1959) (as by Jefferson Cooper)
   Sword of Casanova (1959) (as by James Kendricks)
   The Adulterers (1960) (as by James Kendricks)
   The Bastard of Orleans (1960)
   She Wouldn't Surrender (1960) (as by James Kendricks)
   The Wicked, Wicked Women (1961) (as by James Kendricks)
   Delilah (1962) (as by Jefferson Cooper)
   Jules Verne's Five Weeks in a Balloon (1962)
   One Wife's Ways (1962)
   Jezebel (1963) (as by Jefferson Cooper)
   Love Me Tonight (1963) (as by James Kendricks)
   The Arsenal of Miracles (1964)
   Escape Across the Cosmos (1964)
   Sappho of Lesbos (1964) (as by Jefferson Cooper)
   Beyond the Black Enigma (1965) (as by Bart Somers)
   The Hunter Out of Time (1965)
   Slave of the Roman Sword (1965) (as by Jefferson Cooper)
   This Sword for Hire! (1966) (as by Jefferson Cooper)
   Abandon Galaxy! (1967) (as by Bart Somers)
   The Druid Stone (1970) (as by Simon Majors)
   Conehead (1973)
   Carty (1977)
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Shadow of a Demon (1976)