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Randall Garrett's picture

Randall Garrett

(Gordon Randall Phillip David Garrett)
USA flag (1927 - 1987)
Husband of Vicki Ann Heydron

aka Mark Phillips, Robert Randall

Randall Garrett was an American science fiction and fantasy author. He was a prolific contributor to Astounding and other science fiction magazines of the 1950s and 1960s. He instructed Robert Silverberg in the techniques of selling large quantities of action-adventure science fiction, and collaborated with him on two novels about Earth bringing civilization to an alien planet.
Nidorian (as by Robert Randall)
1. The Shrouded Planet (1957)
2. The Dawning Light (1959)



Takeoff! (1980)
Best of Randall Garrett (1982)
Takeoff, Too (1987)
Psichopath (2009)
A Collection of Short Stories (2011)
The Science Fiction Megapack (2011) (with John Gregory Betancourt, James Blish, Ben Bova, C M Kornbluth, C L Moore and Robert Silverberg)
Bonus Sci-Fi Anthology -- 12 Masterpieces From Golden Era (2012) (with Walter Bupp, Lester del Rey, H B Fyfe and Alan E Nourse)
Science Fiction Gems, Volume Four (2012) (with Poul Anderson, Ben Bova, Hugh B Cave, Fritz Leiber, Frank Belknap Long, Kris Neville, Jack Sharkey and Walt Sheldon)
Science Fiction Gems, Volume 9 (2015) (with Ben Bova, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Mark Clifton, John Jakes, David H Keller, Frank Belknap Long, Rog Phillips, Jack Sharkey, Robert Sheckley and Evelyn E Smith)
The 10th Science Fiction Megapack (2015) (with Eando Binder, Connor Freff Cochran, Adrian Cole, Avram Davidson, Lester del Rey, U. R. A. Ferball, H B Fyfe, David Gerrold, James C Glass, Ron Goulart, H. B. Hickey, Rhys Hughes, Anna Hunger, C Kitirun, Jay Lake, Judith Merril, R DeWitt Miller, C L Moore, Alan E Nourse, M. Purrzillo, Keith Roberts, Pamela Sargent, James H. Schmitz, E.E. aDoca Smith, Bryce Walton, Lawrence Watt-Evans and Richard Wilson)
Science Fiction Super Pack #2 (2016) (with Poul Anderson, Jerome Bixby, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Ken Brady, Algis Budrys, Brenda W Clough, Alfred Coppel, Philip K Dick, Charles Dye, H B Fyfe, Harry Harrison, Henry Josephs, Murray Leinster, Katherine MacLean, Judith Merril, C L Moore, Andre Norton, Jay O'Connell, H Beam Piper, Frederic Pohl, Larry Shaw, Robert Sheckley, Peter Sherman, Evelyn E Smith, Allen Steele, Bryce Walton and Jamie Wild)


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