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David Langford

(David Rowland Langford)
UK flag (b.1953)

David Langford is a luminary of the British Science Fiction community and editor of the regular Hugo-winning newsletter Ansible...He is also winner of the 2001 Hugo Award for Best Short Story with "Different Kinds of Darkness". He lives in Reading, which thanks to Ansible has more Hugos per capita than any other town in the UK.
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Anthologies containing stories by David Langford
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Short stories
Heatwave (1975)
Cold Spell (1980)
Hearing Aid (1982)
3.47 AM (1983)
The Distressing Damsel (1984)
The Thing in the Bedroom (1984)
Cube Root (1985)
The Motivation (1989)
What Happened at Cambridge IV (1990)
Waiting for the Iron Age (1991)
Christmas Games (1993)
The Lions in the Desert (1993)
Deepnet (1994)
Blood and Silence (1995)
The Net of Babel (1995)
The Spear of the Sun (1996)
The Case of Jack the Clipper Or a Fimbulwinter's Tale (1997)
Not Ours to See (1997)
Serpent Eggs (1997)
A Game of Consequences (1998)
Out of Space, Out of Time (1998)
Different Kinds of Darkness [short story] (2000)

David Langford recommends
The Wood Beyond the World (1894)
William Morris
"The stage is set for triangular games of love and power."
Dark Heavens (2003)
(Reckless Sleep, book 2)
Roger Levy
"A fast moving, streetwise, intensely paranoid SF thriller."

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