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Joan Elliott Pickart

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aka Robin Elliott

Joan Elliott Pickart is a popular United States writer of over 100 romance novels since 1984. She also writes under the pen name Robin Elliott. She is the co-founder of the Professional Writers of Prescott, a member of the national Romance Writers of America, the Phoenix Desert Rose Chapter of Romance Writers of America (RWA), and a charter member and co-president of the Northern Arizona RWA.

Genres: Romance, Romantic Suspense
Charade (1984)
Breaking All the Rules (1984)
Fascination (1985)
All the Tomorrows (1985)
Call It Love (1985) (as by Robin Elliott)
The Shadowless Day (1985)
The Finishing Touch (1985)
Look for the Sea Gulls (1985)
Midnight Ryder (1985)
Rainbow's Angel (1985)
Sunlight's Promise (1985)
Waiting for Prince Charming (1985)
The Enchanting Miss Annabella (1986)
Rendez-Vous D'amour (1986) (as by Robin Elliott)
Picture of Love (1986) (as by Robin Elliott)
Pennies in the Fountain (1986) (as by Robin Elliott)
The Eagle Catcher (1986)
Journey's End (1986)
Mr Lonelyhearts (1986)
Dawn's Gift (1986) (as by Robin Elliott)
Secrets of Autumn (1986)
Listen for the Drummer (1986)
Brookes Chance (1986) (as by Robin Elliott)
Kaleidoscope (1987)
Betting Man (1987) (as by Robin Elliott)
Wild Poppies (1987)
Silver Sands (1987) (as by Robin Elliott)
Reforming Freddy (1987)
Leprechaun (1987)
Lost and Found (1987) (as by Robin Elliott)
Lucky Penny (1987)
Illusions (1987)
Kiss Me Again, Sam (1988)
Midsummer Sorcery (1988)
January in July (1988)
Warm Fuzzies (1988)
Out of the Cold (1988) (as by Robin Elliott)
Tattered Wings (1988)
Tucker Boone (1988)
Man of the Night (1988)
Serenity Cove (1988)
Riddles and Rhymes (1989)
To First Be Friends (1989)
Holly's Hope (1989)
Sweet Bliss (1989)
The Magic of the Moon (1989)
Mixed Signals (1990)
Whispered Wishes (1990)
The Bonnie Blue (1990)
Preston Harper, MD (1990)
Storming the Castle (1990)
To Love and to Cherish (1990)
From This Day Forward (1991)
Memories (1991)
The Devil in Stone (1991)
Irresistible (1991)
Night Magic (1992)
Sophie's Attic (1992) (as by Robin Elliott)
Not Just Another Perfect Wife (1993) (as by Robin Elliott)
Angels Singing (1993)
Amber, Sing Softly (1994)
Rancher's Heaven (1994) (as by Robin Elliott)
Apache Dream Bride (1996)
Gauntlet Run (1999)
Just My Joe (1999)
Single with Twins (2001)
MacAllister's Wager (2002)
The Hero Returns (2005)
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A Mother's Gift (1998) (with Kathleen Eagle and Emilie Richards)
Baby Love (1999) (with Victoria Pade)
His Secret Life (2000) (with B J James)
Heaven On Earth (2001) (with Elizabeth Lowell and Diana Palmer)
Crowned Hearts (2001) (with Diana Palmer and Linda Turner)
Body of Evidence (2003) (with Justine Davis and Jackie Merritt)
Ride the Thunder / Plain Jane MacAllister (2003) (with Lindsay McKenna)
Nobody's Child / Older Woman / Royal MacAllister (2004) (with Cheryl Reavis and Emilie Richards)
Hot August Nights / Accidental Family (2004) (with Christine Flynn)
Parker Project / Blind Attraction (2004) (with Myrna Mackenzie)
For the Love of Pete / Homecoming Hero Returns (2005) (with Sherryl Woods)
Home Again / Taming A Dark Horse (2005) (with Stella Bagwell)
Bride by Christmas / Mistletoe Manoeuvres (2005) (with Margaret Allison)
For Their Child's Sake (2006) (with Suzanne Brockmann)
Best Friends and Lovers (2006) (with Sherryl Woods)
For the Twins (2006) (with Maureen Child)
Bride By Christmas / Trust Me (2006) (with Caroline Cross)
Tall, Dark and Male (2008) (with Patricia Coughlin)
Soon to Be Brides (2008) (with Barbara McCauley)
Royal Weddings (2009) (with Lucy Gordon and Christine Rimmer)
A Ring for Christmas (2010) (with Margaret Allison and Cathy Gillen Thacker)
Mother's Day Treats (2015) (with Louise Allen, Leanne Banks, Lynne Graham, Marion Lennox, Carole Mortimer, Michelle Reid and Linda Turner)
Mistletoe Magic (2015) (with Judy Christenberry, Liz Fielding, Lucy Gordon, Carol Marinelli and Carole Mortimer)
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