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(Fred Davis Chappell)
USA flag (b.1936)

Fred Chappell is the author of a dozen books of verse, two story collections, and eight novels. A native of Canton in the mountains of western North Carolina, he has taught at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro since 1964. He is the winner of, among other awards, the Bollingen Prize in Poetry, Aiken Taylor Prize, T. S. Eliot Prize, and Roanoke-Chowan Poetry Prize seven times over.

Genres: Literary Fiction
   It Is Time, Lord (1963)
   The Inkling (1965)
   Dagon (1968)
   The Gaudy Place (1973)
   Earthsleep (1980)
   Family Gathering (2000)
   A Shadow All of Light (2016)
   The World Between the Eyes (poems) (1971)
   Bloodfire (poems) (1978)
   Awakening to Music (1979)
   The Wind Mountain (poems) (1979)
   Moments of Light (1980)
   Midquest (poems) (1982)
   Castle Tzingal (1984)
   Source (1985)
   The Fred Chappell Reader (1987)
   First and Last Words (poems) (1989)
   More Shapes Than One (1991)
   C (poems) (1993)
   The Lodger (1993)
   Spring Garden (poems) (1995)
   The Yellow Shoe Poets (poems) (1999)
   Backsass (poems) (2004)
   Shadow Box (poems) (2009)
   Ancestors and Others (2009)
   Familiars (poems) (2014)
   27 Views of Greensboro (poems) (2015) (with others)
   Three Poems & Two Essays (2015)
   Fred Chappell (2015)
Non fiction
   Plow Naked (1993)
   Close to Home (1996) (with Daphne Athas)
   A Way of Happening (1998)
Anthologies containing stories by Fred Chappell
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Short stories
Duet (1975)
Linnaeus Forgets (1977)
Ladies from Lapland (1981)
Miss Prue (1981)
The Snow that Is Nothing in the Triangle (1981)
Barcarole (1984)
Weird Tales (1984)
After Revelation (1985)
Alma (1988)
The Adder (1989)
Ember (1990)
Free Hand (1990)
The Better Boy (1991)World Fantasy (nominee)
Mankind Journeys Through Forests of Symbols (1991)
The Somewhere Doors (1991)World Fantasy
The Lodger [short story] (1993)World Fantasy
The Flame (1995)

World Fantasy Best Short Story nominee (1992) : The Better Boy
World Fantasy Best Collection nominee (1992) : More Shapes Than One
World Fantasy Best Short Story winner (1992) : The Somewhere Doors
World Fantasy Best Short Story winner (1994) : The Lodger [short story]

Fred Chappell recommends
The Sky Club (2022)
Terry Roberts
"The Sky Club is a wagonload of perilous fun. Terry Roberts has engaged, with customary vigor, many of his favorite themes: local Appalachian history, mountain cultures rural and urban, personal and communal courage, individuality. The resulting story is sprightly and steady in the manner of its heroine, the gifted Jo Salter. Every page here shines with truthful surprise. Bravo!"
A Dredging in Swann (2020)
(Seb Creek Mystery, book 1)
Tim Garvin
"Tim Garvin's muscular A Dredging in Swann offers two stories in one. The lawman Seb Creek must unravel a complicated murder. That's the mystery. The suspense tale is whether Cody Cooper, a PTSD afflicted Marine, can extricate himself from his lunatic crime. As the narratives intertwine, they capture both the meanness and humanity of the rural South. The pages crackle with ironic observation and compassionate humor. This book is deadly serious. And serious fun."
A Land More Kind Than Home (2012)
Wiley Cash
"I try to state the truth and dislike flinging superlatives about with mad abandon, but I have been so deeply impressed by this novel that only superlatives can convey the tenor of my thought: this is one of the most powerful novels I have ever read."
The Year the Music Changed (2005)
Diane Thomas
"A must-read, fresh, surprising, full-hearted, joyful and sad.... If novels could sport bumper stickers, this one would read 'Love Me Tender'-and everyone would."
Sweet Dream Baby (2002)
Sterling Watson
"Sterling Watson's Sweet Dream Baby brings us the words and music, thetastes and smells of that special time -- as well as its heartache and secret shame. I was utterly absorbed in these fierce pages."
The Miss America Family (2002)
Julianna Baggott
"With her first two novels, Julianna Baggott has achieved a premier place among American writers."

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