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Stephen Edger

P.I. Johnson Carmichael
1. Trespass (2013)
2. Fragments (2015)
3. Downfall (2016)
Kate Matthews
1. Watching You (2017)

Death Toll (2013) (with J H Bogrn, Stephen Leather, Howard Manson, Liam Saville and Alex Shaw)
Death Toll 2 (2013) (with Milton Gray, Matt Hilton, Stephen Leather, Scott H Lewis, Liam Saville, Alex Shaw and Harlan Wolff)
Capital Crimes (2015) (with Charlie Cochrane, Charlie Flowers, Alan McDermott, J L Merrow, Lambert Nagle, Alex Shaw, Graeme Shimmin, Maynard Sims and Douglas Stewart)
Foul Play (2015)


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