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Stephen Edger is a British crime and thriller author, who has been writing since 2010. Stephen was born in the north-east of England, grew up in London, but has lived in Southampton since attending university in the year 2000. Stephen uses his extensive knowledge of the city as the setting for all his novels and short stories. Stephen has a full time job in financial services, as well as a Law degree. He is married, and has two children (Emily and Ethan), as well as two West Highland Terriers. Stephen cites Simon Kernick and John Grisham as major influences on his writing style.

Genres: Mystery

   1. Crosshairs (2014)
   2. Complicit (2014)
   3. Double Cross (2015)
     aka Endgame
Kate Matthews
   1. Dead to Me (2017)
   2. Dying Day (2017)
   3. Cold Heart (2018)
Series contributed to
Death Toll
   1. Death Toll (2013) (with J H Bogrn, Stephen Leather, Howard Manson, Liam Saville and Alex Shaw)
   2. Death Toll 2 (2013) (with Milton Gray, Matt Hilton, Stephen Leather, Scott H Lewis, Liam Saville, Alex Shaw and Harlan Wolff)
   3. Death Toll 3 (2019) (with Dominic Adler, J H Bogran, Paul D Brazill, Charlie Flowers, Paul Grzegorzek, Matt Hilton, Jamie Mason, Alex Shaw and Douglas Stewart)