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Jenny Milchman teaches writing and publishing for New York Writers Workshop. Last year she founded Take Your Child to a Bookstore Day, a holiday which went viral, enlisting booksellers in all 50 states and internationally. She co-hosts the literary series Writing Matters, which draws authors and publishing professionals from both coasts to events held at a local independent bookstore. Jenny features Edgar winners, international bestsellers, and independently published authors in the Made It Moments forum on her blog, Suspense Your Disbelief. Her short fiction has been published in a collection called "Lunch Reads" from Istoria Books.

Genres: Mystery
New and upcoming books
September 2024

The Usual Silence
(Arles Shepherd, book 1)
   Cover of Snow (2013)
   Ruin Falls (2014)
   As Night Falls (2015)
   Wicked River (2018)
   The Second Mother (2020)
   Lunch Reads - Volume 1 (2011) (with Libby Sternberg)
   Legacy (2019) (with others)
Jenny Milchman recommends
The Vineyard Remains (2024)
Addison McKnight
"Secrets wash up like seawater in Addison McKnight's island tale of betrayal and deception, which proves one age-old truth. Nobody can hurt you like those who love you best."
Jewish Noir 2 (2022)
(Jewish Noir, book 2)
Chantelle Aimee Osman and Kenneth Wishnia
"Jewish Noir will dazzle crime fiction readers of every variety."
You Will Remember Me (2021)
Hannah Mary McKinnon
"The Queen of the Happily-Never-After Ending has done it again! Nobody leaves readers with their nerves tingling, their hackles raised like Hannah Mary McKinnon. In You Will Remember Me, a man fights to rebuild his identity, his past, and his life--while a woman fights to save him from the twisted nemesis who has dismantled all three. Joy Fielding fans, take note! You'll remember this novel."

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Books containing stories by Jenny Milchman
Only the Good Die Young (2021)
Crime Fiction Inspired by the Songs of Billy Joel
edited by
Josh Pachter
Blood Work (2018)
edited by
Rick Ollerman

Award nominations
2014 Barry Award for Best First Book (nominee) : Cover of Snow

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